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personal prayers

These are stories from my life. I find them helpful as God has used these experiences to teach me.

Marriage Blessing and Tips

A Marriage Blessing and Tips

    I have loved being married and hope similar enjoyment for you. Here are a marriage blessings and 10 tips to help your journey.

    Simple Statement of Faith

    What I Believe

      For the growing community that gave me their confidence by following this blog and for those that need to hear God is for them, here is what I believe.

      Challenge Life Faith

      The Challenges of the Life of Faith

        The challenges of the life of faith is real. I’m not trying to elevate my experience, however, I hope to encourage you to press on in your life of faith.


        How to Succeed in the Wilderness

          Have you tasted the joy of living in who you were called to be, but now feel you are in some forgotten place? Here is how to succeed in the wilderness.

          Never Give Up

          Never Give Up; Never Tire Out

            When we pray we expect an easy answer, but many times the road takes a detour or stops altogether. Don’t give up. God has hidden provisions along the way.

            Would You Like to Take a Survey

            Readership Survey and Gift

              Would you please take a few moments to fill out this readership survey? As a gift for your time, I’ve included a download of my book, Church Search.


              I Have Stilled and Quieted My Soul

                God has called us to be weaned of the world, and to trust him humbly and completely as little children at peace in the laps of their mothers and fathers.

                Update On My Stepping Out In Faith

                  That’s the thing about God… His ways are not like our ways. He knows what we need and in His pleasure He will meet them in His ways.

                  Seek Go For Healing

                  Seek God for Healing

                    So often when get sick, we just go to the doctor and believe whatever they tell us. I took the word of a learned professional and lived in unnecessary pain for 10 years.

                    Close Call and Hidden Meaning

                      I have not mentioned this in some time, but I believe that God uses everything to get our attention. God has committed Himself to intimacy with His children and will use anything to draw us closer to Him.