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Close Call and Hidden Meaning

    This post will be a bit different as it is personal and may be harder to pull out an application for you, but bear with me as I still feel it is important. The other day I was driving through town and came to a stop light that just turned red. I was going to turn right so I was watching for my opportunity to pull out. After about a minute I perceived it was safe to go. However as I started I heard someone shout.

    I quickly stopped and there was a man on a bike at the left front of my car. I had completely clipped him and bent his back tire. He came from my right and was riding across the intersection, and somehow I completely did not see him.

    Thankfully he was not hurt and I am not sure who was more scared. We talked and worked out the details. When I finally got back in the car, my heart was still pounding. I quickly turned my attention to God asking what did all that mean?

    I have not mentioned this in some time, but I believe that God uses everything to get our attention. God has committed Himself to intimacy with His children and will use anything to draw us closer to Him.

    When I got to where I was going, I had no answers, but I got my heart rate down enough to call my wife and let her know. I also let some friends know that I was meeting. I had to move past the shame of the event.

    I prayed about it again before bed and was still without answers. The next day I was on the road again, and in my spirit I heard, “There are may be legal moves, but wait on my signal. I know the hidden dangers to protect you from.”

    This is a timely insight for the place I am now. I am at a place where taking a few steps ahead of God’s direction is very tempting. Thankfully God allowed for a close call to potentially protect me from long delays toward the calling He has for me.

    I am not saying that the statement is universal for everyone. I don’t even think it will be universal my entire life, but for right now, I believe this is God’s direction to me. My encouragement to you is that go to God with those things in life that make you wonder. Ask Him what do they mean. Then ask Him what He wants you to do in response.

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