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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : Kevin Shorter

Kevin Shorter

Kevin Shorter

Meet Kevin Shorter, a passionate writer, devout Christian, and dedicated family man from Raleigh, NC. As an alumnus of NC State, Kevin’s unwavering loyalty to his alma mater is matched only by his profound love for Jesus Christ. His journey with Christ began at a Christian rock concert during his high school years, where he was moved by the possibility of forging an intimate relationship with God. Initially skeptical of the bold declarations on t-shirts that read “Love God, Hate Sin,” Kevin left the concert as a proud wearer of one such shirt, determined to deepen his faith.

Since then, Kevin’s unwavering commitment to his personal relationship with Jesus has been the cornerstone of his life. He has spent time as a member of Campus Crusade for Christ, working at the University of Florida and serving internationally in the Middle East. Kevin brings this same deep thinking mindset, which drove him to get an MBA from Wake Forest University, to his approach to his faith, striving to help others cultivate their own personal relationship with Jesus.

Kevin now resides in Colorado with his wife, Allison, and their two daughters, Rachel and Elizabeth. He is the founder of Josiah’s Covenant, an organization dedicated to creating a family and jobs for teenage orphan girls. In addition to his philanthropic work, Kevin is also an accomplished author, having written seven books that inspire and challenge readers to deepen their relationship with God. With Kevin’s passion and devotion as your guide, you’re sure to find inspiration in his words.

Available Speaker

If you’re looking for a speaker who will challenge you to deepen your faith and inspire you to make a positive impact in the world, Kevin Shorter is the perfect choice. His unwavering commitment to his personal relationship with Jesus, combined with his deep thinking mindset, makes him a powerful and engaging speaker. With his extensive experience in both philanthropy and writing, Kevin brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to his talks. Whether you’re looking to motivate your church group, inspire your team at work, or simply deepen your own personal relationship with God, Kevin’s passionate and thoughtful approach is sure to leave a lasting impact. Don’t hesitate to hire Kevin as your next speaker – you won’t be disappointed.

Some of his more popular topics are:

  1. 7 Habits to Strengthen Your Prayer Life: The most common area of frustration in Christians’ lives is prayer. The shame believers carry regarding prayer hinders the freedom in which they can walk. This presentation goes over seven habits that will give confidence to your prayer life
  2. Add Power to Your Prayers: Jesus follows calming the sea by questioning the disciples’ faith. The point was Jesus is calling them to more. He has given us power and wants us to use it. Listen to this message:
  3. The Voice of God: The book of Hebrews gives warnings about not listening to the voice of God. Don’t be like those who hardened their hearts… How does God speak today? This lesson goes through helpful guides to recognizing God speaking to you and ways to judge if it is from Him.
  4. The Importance of Confession: Why does God call us to confess when He already knows and has forgiven all that we have done? This talk takes a look at a hidden story from within the book of Hosea to pull out powerful truths on God’s heart for you. Listen to this message:
  5. Life Without Shame: Shame causes you to hide from God and self. It takes on mistakes as personal identity statements. It says not that you failed, but you are a failure. God never uses shame. This series takes you through steps of identifying areas of shame and steps to remove shame off of you.

You can contact Kevin to speak at:

contact kevin shorter

Are You Looking For a Statement of Faith?

I have a simple statement of faith here for those looking for what I believe.

Kevin Shorter co-founded Josiah’s Covenant, a non-profit helping teenage orphans in China. You can find Kevin on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Kevin Shorter”

  1. Mrs. Donna McDowell

    Hi Brother Kevin

    I am a Christian Grief Counselor in Niceville FL. I have worked for a Hospice here doing the same.

    With Hospice I could not counsel with my faith. And that i cold not do. So………. God led me to form a ministry totally devoted to grief counseling.

    My husband is a Baptist minister…so we have seen many losses and grief up close. A well as losses in our own life t
    where I found grief very up close and personal.And I even doubted my own ability to make it through. God led me and I did get through…AMEN LORD.

    Our home chrch is First Baptst church of Niceville FL.

    We have a seperate minister which is full time free grief
    Counseling..By His Grace Baptist Ministry. I have at least 20 in grief counsleing. I have written the books we use and have a few things Hospice allowed me to inculde.

    I have personaly counseled 567 people since 2005 in grief. As well as those dying and the familes. I feel very humble
    God called me to such a precious ministry that has blessed be beyond belief.

    oh, how I have seen Gods hand in forming scars on the hearts of those loved ones left behind.

    I have read from your web site and experiences. And I am praying for GOD TO CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND EACH LIFE YOU TOUCH. I thank God for your calling. Amen LORD

    I am presently writing as God gives me the words …….
    a book on grief. I am a Psycologist but I have never learned as much as from those I counsel in grief.

    I am including stories hand written from those left behind
    on the day their loved one died. And the stages they have gone through to get the gaping wound to form a scar on their hearts.

    God bless you’
    Donna McDowell

    1. Dear Mrs. McDowell,
      Thank you for your kind words. You are on the front lines of taking the Comforter to those who desperately need Him. May you grow ever aware of the deeply personal touch of Jesus through your ministry. I am glad you have enjoyed my posts. Feel free to sign up to have them emailed directly to you.

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