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Kevin Shorter

Kevin Shorter

Kevin Shorter is from Raleigh, NC and is still a devoted fan of his alma mater, NC State. He came to Jesus in high school having attended a Christian rock concert – yes it is possible. His heart was stirred about the possibility of God wanting to have an intimate relationship with him. He arrived at the concert humored by the audacity of people who wore t-shirts that said, “Love God, Hate Sin;” he left the concert proudly wearing one to school the next day.

This personal intimacy with Jesus has been a driving force since then. Kevin is a former member of Campus Crusade for Christ serving at the University of Florida and internationally in the Middle East.

Kevin holds an MBA from Wake Forest University focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship. He approaches his relationship with God with the same focus. As you read the blog, you will see his devotion to leading himself and others into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Kevin resides in Colorado with his wife, Allison, and two daughters, Rachel and Elizabeth. They started Josiah’s Covenant to create a family and jobs for teenage orphan girls. He has authored seven books:

Available Speaker

Kevin has worked in ministry and churches teaching church and lay leaders a variety of Biblical topics. He is available for conferences and seminars. Some of his more popular topics are:

  1. 7 Habits to Strengthen Your Prayer Life: The most common area of frustration in Christians’ lives is prayer. The shame believers carry regarding prayer hinders the freedom in which they can walk. This presentation goes over seven habits that will give confidence to your prayer life
  2. Add Power to Your Prayers: Jesus follows calming the sea by questioning the disciples’ faith. The point was Jesus is calling them to more. He has given us power and wants us to use it. Listen to this message:
  3. The Voice of God: The book of Hebrews gives warnings about not listening to the voice of God. Don’t be like those who hardened their hearts… How does God speak today? This lesson goes through helpful guides to recognizing God speaking to you and ways to judge if it is from Him.
  4. Life Without Shame: Shame causes you to hide from God and self. It takes on mistakes as personal identity statements. It says not that you failed, but you are a failure. God never uses shame. This series takes you through steps of identifying areas of shame and steps to remove shame off of you.
  5. The Importance of Confession: Why does God call us to confess when He already knows and has forgiven all that we have done? This talk takes a look at a hidden story from within the book of Hosea to pull out powerful truths on God’s heart for you. Listen to this message:

You can contact Kevin to speak at:

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Are You Looking For a Statement of Faith?

I have a simple statement of faith here for those looking for what I believe.

Kevin Shorter co-founded Josiah’s Covenant, a non-profit helping teenage orphans in China. You can find Kevin on Facebook and Twitter.