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3 Things to Do to See God Face to Face

    how to see God face to face

    As we grow in our prayer lives, we develop a strong inward push for more of God. He becomes our obsession. The more we get to know Him, the more we want to be with Him, and the more we want to experience. To want more of God is natural for every believer. The Bible says, as a deer pants for water, so our souls long for God (Psalm 42:1). He is the destination we are always pursuing.

    With that in mind, I wanted to get very practical today. One of the most visited articles on this site is the Importance of Seeking God’s Face. As I was thinking about this, I thought it would be helpful to talk more on how to see God face to face.

    1. Know that God Wants You to See His Face

    The pursuit to see God’s face is pointless if He doesn’t want this for you. This is why I spent last week going over does God want us to see His face. I encourage you to look back at the post if you doubt, but just know that not only does God want it, He longs for it. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and seek my face… (2 Chronicles 7:14)”. God wants His people to pursue Him. He longs for our intimacy. Jesus came to bring reconciliation between God and man, so that nothing would hinder us from being with Him.

    2. Know that We Can See God’s Face

    I think this is probably the greatest hindrance to seeing God’s face; we don’t think we can. We may see ourselves as unimportant or think God is too holy, but these are just lies from the enemy to keep God’s treasure away from Him. Do you know what Jesus’ reward was for His suffering? It was to bring you and me into the presence of God (1 Peter 3:18). To deny your ability to see God’s face is to either state your lack of faith in Jesus’ atonement for you or to belittle the work of the cross on your alienation from God.

    Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. – Hebrews 10:19-22

    Check out Randy Alcorn’s study, Face to Face with Jesus to reflect on who Jesus is and how to seek His face.

    3. Seek His Face

    We can theorize about whether God wants us to see His face or whether we have the ability, but it is most assuredly not going to happen if we don’t seek Him. Let’s make a decisive effort to seek God’s face (Psalm 27:8). This will take time set aside from other things. It is actively being still and focusing your mind (Psalm 46:10). Here are a few other helpful tips:

    3a. Journal Without Judging

    Even if we agree we can see God’s face, we still often question whether what we see is from Him or not. We are fearful of being led astray or deceiving ourselves. I am not suggesting coming up with new doctrines or making life altering decisions, just trust God. It is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6), so at some point in our lives we will need to take a risk into the unknown with Him.

    Journaling is a great safety net. Ask God to lead your time, and then by faith just write what comes to your mind. Then you can write for as long as God give you something without stopping to think if it was from God or not. Enjoy the experience then you can go back later to pray through what you wrote to see if it was from God or not. You can ask, did what I write contradict Scripture, or did it move me away from love of God or others. If you answer yes to either, mark that part out. If you have too many parts marked out, jump to the next section.

    3b. Pray With a Trusted Friend

    Jesus said, “where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am with them” (Matthew 18:20). There really is something to this. The presence of another believer praying with you opens heaven’s door a little wider. Share with this person what you are sensing without judging it. If it is someone you trust, they will not be judging you but wanting you to get the breakthrough for which you are looking.

    Just tell this friend to listen and ask questions if you get stuck. Generally sticking points are tied to something that God wants to do that we don’t feel like He would do or something we feel is unimportant. Just go with it and then you can process it with your friend afterwards.

    Oftentimes whenever my wife or I get stuck in our prayers, we will pray with each other and find the breakthrough we need. The interesting point of it is, the other person may not need to say anything. Their presence praying with us seems to give us the lift we need.

    Just last week I was with a group of men and we were talking about areas in our lives that where causing frustration and seemingly keeping us from what God had called us toward. After becoming fully aware of the pain of this frustration, we each prayed and asked Jesus to meet us face to face. Out of the 12 men, 11 saw Jesus and the other one felt Him. We didn’t take long to pray, God didn’t take away the situations leading to our frustrations, but Jesus showed up and peace came into our hearts.

    We can have confidence to approach the throne of God. It is not because of anything we have done; there is still a need of humility in our approach, but the offer and access is available. God is the lifter of our countenance (Psalm 3:3). This means He desires to lift our heads up. He wants us to look to Him. Let’s seek His face so that we may know His heart and have ours healed.

    21 thoughts on “3 Things to Do to See God Face to Face”

    1. “As we grow in our prayer lives, we develop a strong inward push for more of God. He becomes our obsession. The more we get to know Him, the more we want to be with Him, and the more we want to experience. To want more of God is natural for every believer. The Bible says, as a deer pants for water, so our souls long for God (Psalm 42:1). He is the destination we are always pursuing”

      I can relate. My heart is thirsty, so thirsty and there’s nothing more that i want than to know God the more and live in the full provisions of His grace through Christ.

      Thanks Coach

      1. Dear Ann,

        Unfortunately this offer has passed. We now have teenage orphan girls working at our farm (this is the work we are doing in China). This means my time is much more limited. I will contact you by email to think through what I can offer you.

        Thank you for your interest.

    2. Kevin,

      I need your help. I been preying for God, Jesus, and angels to help me through difficult times.

      I have been receiving interesting findings such as:
      -2 bright white orbs (brighter than a car head light in the pure dark)
      The first during my dad’s funeral.
      That night it stared back at me before shooting off into the bathroom
      He second orb was on my bed.
      As I turned around it shot off quick into the ceiling.
      -triple digits like 1:11, 222, 333,etc
      I have a feeling angels are attempting to contact me through triple digits
      -Preying: I was telling God, Jesus, and the angels thank you for helping my self and others
      After, I heard a voice reply back saying, “Thank you.”

      What does this all mean? I am trying to have a close connection with God, Jesus, and the angels. I would love to hear them and talk to them. What would you suggest?



      1. Dear Dustin,

        Interaction with angels is not my specialty. I realize that it happens and more is available for me, but I’m not an expert here. I would just give a couple guidelines.

        1. Don’t seek the experience (orbs) over time with God. They may help your closeness with God, but it should never replace it.
        2. Any experience with God should leave you humbled. This is not meaning feeling worthless, but humbled as it is not something you control or makes you better than others.
        3. Any experience with God will not pull you away from others. If you feel like you are isolating yourself from people, those experiences are not from God. (You may need to pull away from certain people because they are not helpful in your walk with God, but you will never pull away from all people. God highly values His body, the church, the communion of saints.)

        I hope this helps. I pray that God will continue to increase your experiences with Him that you become a vessel of His love toward others.


      1. Dear Joe,

        This is really a better question to ask a pastor or counselor face to face. Jesus is ready to come meet with you now, but when He will come to get you is up to Him. I pray that His comfort envelops you with love. My you be so aware of His presence that hope radiates your mind.


    3. Joseph Jeffrey Whitelaw

      I don’t just want to see His face. I want to tell Him I’m ready to go Home now. He told me I had a job to do and then told me my job was done. So why has my ticket not been punched yet

      1. Dear Joseph,

        We each have a time to live and a time to die. I obviously don’t know when my time, or someone else’s for that matter, will be. I do know that when you have God, you have hope no matter how bad the circumstance is. I do know that He will give peace that passes understanding to those that ask. I do know that nothing is impossible for God. I am glad you are eager to see Him. Try not to let that eagerness ruin the connection you can have now. He is still good.


          1. Dear Joseph,
            There are plenty of things we each think that God has told us whether through prayer, through dream, through reading the Bible, etc. Our life with God is exploring how to determine which of these things did He really say to us. Often the most outrageous and unbelievable are actually Him and those that sound plausible are not. I have found that most of the time I only have a hunch or impression. Then I have to move forward in faith and hold things loosely.

            But if you feel God has told you something that doesn’t lead you to faith and hope and love, then it is a good chance you heard Him incorrectly. I wish the best in finding out what job He still has for you.


    4. Thank you Kevin. Your beacon shines. Thank you friends, I seek also. I know that we will find what we are searching for. Jesus speaks in Matthew 5:8 – blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

    5. Very touching am an orphan and sometimes I feel like am left alone am just confused about this life why sometimes let us suffer?????

    6. Thank you for this article
      Currently seeking to see the face of God and I came across this article
      Thank you for being God’s servant.

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