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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : 7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life

7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life

    7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life

    How to Get Around Disney World

    I just got back from my summer vacation to Disney World. It was a blast as the kids were the perfect age to start enjoying some of the rides and characters. While there we joined up with my parents and my mother-in-law which was a great for them to be a part of their granddaughters’ experiences of Disney. However, it quickly became clear that my wife and I had different approaches to Disney than they did.

    My wife downloaded an iphone app that showed wait times for each ride, and so we knew that the Peter Pan ride and the Winnie the Pooh ride had the longest wait times for the rides the girls wanted to go on. Therefore we made a beeline for them to get fast passes right away. My mother-in-law was content to live vicariously through us-where ever we wanted to go. My mom was willing to follow us as long as she could stop along the way to trade pins. And, my dad secretly desired to ride the wild rides but compliantly followed the lead of the group.

    How to Approach Prayer

    People similarly approach prayer in different ways. Some people have it so planned out that they tend to miss the spontaneous encounters with God. Others don’t have a plan and miss the blessings of building routines and consistency with God. Some pray solely for the benefits, while others may desire the fullness of God but decide to stay in the shallow end so as not to be too different than others. I am not trying to put you into any particular box; I’m just setting up how people can get a better prayer life.

    You may prefer to either pray for yourself, follow the success of others who you admire, or make up a plan. It’s good to find what works for you. Here are 7 tips that you can add to your prayer map to help you know where you want to go.

    7 Tips To A Better Prayer Life

    1. Pray

    “There is no way to learn to pray but by praying.” – Samuel Chadwick

    This has been said hundred of times by many Godly people, but we will never grow in prayer if we don’t pray. You can’t wait until you have figured it all out before you start, prayer is something with which you need to practice and experiment. Prayer takes you into the presence of God, and it is in His presence that you take on His likeness and change your heart. You cannot live the life God planned for you without prayer because the things He has planned require His involvement, which is found in prayer.

    2. Rest

    “Our rest lies in looking to the Lord, not to ourselves.” – Watchman Nee

    Prayer reminds us that everything has been accomplished through Christ’s death and resurrection. The work we now do is to apply what He has done to our world. “Consider yourself dead.” Rest in the presence of God, in His goodness, and in His love for you. It is out of this confidence you can work out of rest. Prayer is not earning God’s favor; it enters you into the favor He already has for you.

    3. God’s Face

    “We don’t look at problems. Whatever you look at becomes bigger.
    We look at God.” – Pastor Spinoza

    Most of our prayers become pleas for God to act because we are so focused on what we want Him to do. To enhance our prayers we need to focus on God’s face, see His love for us and see His confidence in the situation. By keeping our focus on God’s face the things of this world will grow strangely dim.

    4. God’s Voice

    “Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God,
    and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.” – Mother Teresa

    Prayer is communication with God, but too often we treat it as our monologue to Him. Without taking the time to listen to God’s voice, we are not valuing His input and God’s role in the relationship. Allow God a chance to talk. His words will always bring you life.

    5. Joy

    “Joy makes way for hope, which leads to faith that creates
    the atmosphere for God’s miraculous answers.” – Kevin Shorter

    I pulled joy out of the fruit of the Spirit because too many Christians have forgotten it is required. Prayer is to be enjoyed. You get to spend time with the One who created you and loves you. You get filled with purpose and direction in life. And, you find joy through prayer because it is one thing that you were specifically created for. If you don’t find joy in prayer, go to a trusted friend who you can talk it over with. Don’t stop sharing with this person until you find the joy. What you will find is that there is a lie you are believing about God that is stopping up the fount of joy.

    6. Ask

    “God wants us to push the limits
    of what we can ask or imagine.” – Steven Furtick

    God is our Heavenly Father and is pleased when His children ask things of Him. He will not turn us away. Sure, He longs for the relationship, but asking things from Him can enhance that relationship. Asking shows a dependence on Him, a belief that He will come through for us, and a confidence that He is more than able.

    7. Thanksgiving

    “Praise and thanksgiving not only open the gates of heaven
    for me to approach God, but also prepare a way
    for God to bless me.” – The Kneeling Christian

    Thanksgiving is a sign that we are filled with the Spirit. It is also the avenue to get filled. To be effective in prayer we are called to give thanks in all things. Gratitude opens the heart to receive more from God. By being thankful you are also more prone to see the fulfillment of the requests you have made to God, which encourages more prayer.

    I pray that these 7 tips take you into deeper levels of prayer. You may not visit each area every time you pray, but these items added to your prayer routine can show you the way to experience a better prayer life. God loves you and desires you to come to Him.

    19 thoughts on “7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life”

    1. Thank you for this advice. It confirms in my heart that I cannot Pray without feeling Gods presence. My Daughter is coming close to God again after being hurt by Church people.
      She is being used to speak to people on her market stall.
      We are sharing how excited we feel about what God is doing,
      Amongst all the sin and evil. Some of my Christian friends cannot understand how I feel and often answer me with Negative replies. Thank you for your message that first came from a quote in the Word for Today. God Bless you all.

      1. Omg I’m going through the same thing, I’m very quite (I hate being quite)I’m vey shy. And church family picks on me, talk about and walk pass or around me. Been there for almost 15 years never mess with anyone in the church. Sing in the choir never get invited to events find out about the events later or posted. When people make things up about me or even lie no one ask me anything its always the truth. I’m single I wouldn’t feel so lonely if my pastor and church family recognize or made me a part of the family and not just a number accounted for.I want to leave but I was taught so much from the Bible, I’m humble,forgiving and loving and free hearted.

        1. Dear Bernadette,
          You don’t need to stay in a place just because they teach the Bible. Jesus said that they would know we are His followers by our love, not by our knowledge of the Bible.

          I don’t know your situation. God may have you stay there, but you need to remove the false sense of duty in order to hear exactly what God wants for you. He may have made you less talkactive than others, but He definitely didn’t make you less important. You are very important to Him… and you will also be important to other people who see you the God does.

          Before making any drastic decisions, spend time with God to see what He says about you. Every word from God will bring you hope and excitement for life. Start there, and then reevaluate your situation.


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    3. “God wants us to push the limits of what we can ask or imagine.” – Steven Furtick

      My prayer and what I am asking of God is that He will show everyone the correct way to interpret His word and laws. That there will be no more denominations. That we will be as one understanding the word of God.

    4. After twenty five years or so, I am the prodigal son returned a few months ago. I am learning to walk with our Heavenly Father all over again and I so thank Him for His servants such as yourself who help others such as myself to grow as a christian in our relationship with our God who is an awesome God with good tips such as you’ve laid out here. May God bless you and you’re own to fulfill your destiny He has planned for you. I thank you and bless you!

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I pray that you find complete love and acceptance from God (and others in the body of Christ), as did the prodigal son from Luke. Many blessings to you.

    5. Thanks for the enlightenment on prayer. Am so weak in prayer though I have been saved for many year. My desire is to become a prayer warrior but I get so scared to pray especially in public

    6. I do not know weather you still visit this site but I need prayer, my inside burn for preaching but I do not know how to express myself in front of people please help me. bethar

      1. Bethar,
        Thank you for your comment and expressing your heart’s desire. My first thoughts are for you to practice by yourself. Find ways to preach when no one is looking. It will help build your confidence and allow you to think through the areas you need to improve. Billy Graham was famous US evangelist, and before anyone had heard of him, he would go off into a secluded place where he could preach to himself. He later had millions give their lives to Jesus preaching to crowds.

        We all have to start somewhere. Do what you can to move yourself forward. Spend time with God to see where He leads you in this. It is a worthy calling. May you feel the love of God cover you as you pursue it.


    7. Praise the Lord Jesus,
      I am so blessed to have come across this site. God bless you for the work you are doing pastor.
      I have been yearning to get deeper in my prayer life and relationship with God. The Holy Spirit led me here and I am encouraged to commune with my Father in heaven. It is already working in my life. God bless you so much and your family.

    8. Ear Kevin,
      I do not remember when I downloaded one lesson. It was a list of 31 prayer requests for pastors. You stressed the importance for pastors to be prayed for.
      As I have been praying for church leaders, God led me to start a prayer Minstry- Abba Father Prayer Teaching Ministry. I am a prayer facilitator.
      I am pleased to be able to meet you and hope to benefit from reading and applying prayer principles.
      Berete Jerome- In Jesus

    9. Pray, rest, God’s face, God’s voice, joy, ask Thanksgiving.. thankyou Lord for using your servant here to teach us about prayer . .oh lord, from today I will look at you so that my problems with diminish

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