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A Man Called Blessed by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright

    A Man Called Blessed Cover by Ted Dekker Image

    A couple weeks ago I reviewed A Blessed Child by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright which was a fictional story about a pure vessel of God working miracles. The novel put a story around Dr. Bright’s teaching on Living Supernaturally in Christ. The two men co-labored a follow up to that novel with A Man Called Blessed which turned its focus on Dr. Bright’s teaching on Recapturing our First Love.

    A Man Called Blessed picks up Caleb fifteen years after he left the world’s stage. He had grown up and became familiar with God. His familiarity led him to acknowledgment of devotion but inwardly removed from God. God was about to reawaken out desires with him.

    Rebecca was a Jew committed to find the ark of the covenant, the place where the presence of God dwelt. All information pointed to Caleb as the link to finding the ark and bringing it back to Israel. Rebecca does not come to Caleb along, but instead followed by a band of Muslims bent on keeping hidden any hint of a potential ark.

    Dekker and Bright succeed again producing another inspiring, page-turning story. This story will re-engage you to live as a child before God. Fall in love again and believe.

    Quotes from A Man Called Blessed:

    • There is no greater disaster in a spiritual life than to be immersed in a false reality.
    • There is no greater disaster than to think that what we see with these eyes is the real life.
    • Desire does not come from the mind, but from the heart. The hope that burns under the ashes of our poverty.
    • Poverty is about clearing space in your heart so that God can fill it.
    • Adversity introduces a man to himself. And we must know ourselves before we can know what needs to die.
    • The greatest battles are always fought in the heart.
    • In the presence of God you sometimes become like a child. Do you what children like to do? They like to dance.
    • You say that you may not be living up to your beliefs, but by definition, this is impossible. We always live up or down to our beliefs.
    • You cannot surrender what you do not possess. You cannot truly surrender yourself unless you possess yourself.
    • And what does God tell you what you stare into his eyes?… God tells me nothing. We enjoy each other’s company. What could be better than to enthrall the mind with the eyes that blinked you into existence?
    • Cowardice keeps a man double minded, hesitating between two worlds. True faith abandons one option for the other. Hesitation is the death of faith.
    • True faith abandons one option for the other.
    • True love is found by stepping off the cliff.

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