Simple Statement of Faith

What I Believe

21 August 2017

For the growing community that gave me their confidence by following this blog and for those that need to hear God is for them, here is what I believe.

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Shocking Fact Non Christians

A Shocking Fact About Non-Christians

14 August 2017

We feel the need to convince non-Christians of their need to accept Jesus, but we often doubt if they would really desire it. Here's a shocking truth:

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Supercharge Church Experience

5 Easy Tricks to Supercharge Your Church Experience

10 August 2017

I know you want the reality of true communion with Jesus in every aspect of your life. Here are five easy tricks to supercharge your church experience:

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Punished Doing Good

Why Do I Feel Punished For Doing Good?

01 August 2017

We start out unquestionably doing good, but then something happens. We feel the pain. Then we make the decision not to trust God will take care of us.

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Draw People More of God

Your Life Is To Draw People To More of God

14 July 2017

What our stories with God do is raise the expectations for what is possible to those who hear them. Your life is to draw people to more of God.

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Trying to Prove Love

Removing The Burden of Trying to Prove Your Love

13 July 2017

I used to live under the burden of trying to prove my love to God. I didn't think I was worthy of notice on my own, so I needed to find ways to stand out.

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Amp Up Christian Life

Amp Up Your Christian Life

11 July 2017

Maybe you are aware of areas of your failures or recognize others are ahead of you. Whatever the reason, are you ready to amp up your Christian life?

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Confidence Approaching God

This Is The Confidence We Have In Approaching God

05 July 2017

What is confidence in prayer? Is it making God do what we want? Instinctively, we know this isn't it, but what is confidence we have in approaching to God?

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Romans 323 defined

What You May Have Missed From Romans 3:23

28 June 2017

Romans 3:23 is one of the first verses many of us ever memorized. But, I suggest many of us haven't really thought about what it is saying.

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Stop Imagining Things

How to Stop Imagining Things

19 June 2017

Our imaginations become what we do and what we believe to be true. We need to stop imagining things that are not what God wants for you. Here's how:

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ManAlive-Mark Peterson

ManAlive by Mark Peterson

12 June 2017

ManAlive by Mark Peterson will give you direction for how to release abundant life in men. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.

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How Can We Be Holy

How Can We Be Holy?

07 June 2017

The idea of us being holy would be fully unthinkable to us if it were not for 1 Peter 1:15. Holiness seems to be reserved for God alone. How can we be holy?

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