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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 10 Things to Pray for Soldiers

10 Things to Pray for Soldiers

    10 Things to Pray for Soldiers

    It is very unlikely that you are not in contact with people you know who are serving our country in the military or have served. These men and women have willing placed themselves in harms way for the protection of our country. It is a hard job that permanently effects many of them. I went to Psalm 91 to pull this list of 10 things, but there are many of things you can easily add from families they left to helping them transition back stateside. I hope you find this list helpful, but even more I hope you make time to pray for these wonderful soldiers who have risked their lives for you.

    10 Things to Pray for Soldiers in Military Combat

    1. May they dwell in the shelter of the Most High (v. 1).
    2. Save them from the snares of the enemy (v. 3).
    3. Cover them with Your wings (v. 4).
    4. Give them peace even in the midst of serious danger (v. 5).
    5. May no harm befall them (v. 7).
    6. Send angels to guard them (v. 11).
    7. May they overcome those attacking them (v. 13).
    8. Open them to Your love that they may respond with love for You (v. 14).
    9. Answers their prayers to You. (v. 15).
    10. Bless them with long life (v. 16).

    5 Additional Things to Pray for Soldiers

    1. Grant their family peace and comfort in their loved ones absence.
    2. May their children not suffer long-term effects of an absent parent.
    3. Reduce the soldiers battle trauma by an infusion of greater peace.
    4. Provide soldiers returning with a community of faithful friends to help the transition.
    5. May they feel their sacrifice was appreciated by those they protected.

    U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jeremy Fehr speaks
    with Afghan children and their grandfather.
    Image taken by Capt. Peter Shinn. Courtesy of the National Guard.

    5 thoughts on “10 Things to Pray for Soldiers”

    1. which side r we praying number 7 for are we not the terroist . and pray r soilders stop murdering the innocent. and pray the church comes back to god. and pray that catholics masons and mormoms learn them self

      1. Dear James, I am not sure whether this was a serious comment or in jest. As Christians we are overcomers. We are called to overcome the world. We are to overcome evil with good. When there are those who want to destroy all that is good, it is a sin to let them. Number 7 is not a request to destroy those who don’t believe in us, but it does ask that God defend us against those who who want to destroy us. As soldiers are on the front lines, it is good to pray specifically for them to be defended.

    2. Great post Kevin! Love how you ended of on Google rank 2 for the keyword “things to pray for soldiers”. Did you choose the title after doing traffic and competition research, or was this one a lucky hit? I just got into strategically optimizing my blog post titles within the last month or so. It’s stunning what kind of a difference this makes in traffic and exposure!

      1. Dear Daniel, Thanks for the noticing. My reply may take longer then a comment. I would love to get together with you to discuss. A simple view of my strategy is I write posts that I believe God is teaching me or leading me to write. But as I have written posts I do try to implement some marketing because I believe in what I have written.

    3. i want to pray for 2 brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for hindustan! they died on friday wen tackling militants in jammu nd kashmir.plz pray for their loved ones, they hav did something which we cannot do! may their souls rest in peace……..

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