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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : How I View the Christian Life Should Be

How I View the Christian Life Should Be

    Adi Dassler holding cleat

    This past weekend I got to play soccer. Unlike most Americans I love the sport and have had moments of being good. I can even claim scoring goals on three continents. However most of those “glory days” have been in the past. This weekend it all came flooding back.

    While playing men 10 to 15 years younger than me, I was weaving in and out of them with surprising ease. While several on the field were international and exponentially exceeded my passion for the sport, I outscored all of them combined.

    I probably should add that I was the only one wearing cleats and that the grass was damp. Even knowing that I had an unfair advantage, the feeling of triumph made me feel like a star.

    The truth is I feel that the Christian life should be the same way. I feel that I should have some special advantage over the rest of mankind to be able to run circles around them. Why not? We have the living God living within us. We have the mind of Christ. Why are we not ruling the world?

    Do you ever wonder that God has something more planned for us that we are not tapping into? With all of the resources on our side, why can’t we be incredibly successful. Jonathan climbs the enemy’s encampment with just his armor bearer and turned the war for Israel (1 Samuel 14:13). Gideon blows a few horns and the enemy runs away scared (Judges 7:22). Moses throws some wood in bitter water to make it drinkable (Exodus 15:25). Jacob has his livestock drink water with strips of bark in it to make them have spotted babies (Genesis 30:37-39). Elijah lays on a dead boy and he comes back to life (2 Kings 4:32-35).

    I believe we need to start expecting God to show us impossibilities to overcome. We are more than overcomers. Coasting through life in the status quo may be comfortable, but that is not a way to advance God’s kingdom. Ask God what impossibilities He is looking for you to conquer.

    Today I have the exciting opportunity of partnering with God. As I rely on His wisdom and power, I will succeed at everything God gives me. I can’t wait to see what happens today! Nothing is impossible!

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    6 thoughts on “How I View the Christian Life Should Be”

    1. Great post. Thank you. Good reminder that He can do far more than we can ask or imagine and that we need to raise our expectation! Thanks

    2. Hi K,

      You know, I was listening to a podcast today on this subject and felt so challenged. They mentioned that bible verse where we’re told we can expect to do even greater things than were performed by Jesus whilst on earth and I always struggled with that (still do) because I try to imagine being used to raise someone from the dead or cast out a demon or used to heal someone.

      But one thing from the podcast stood out for me. That was that if we will step out of our comfort zone, if we will trust God with impossibilities, He will reward our faith.

      Now I still wonder if I’m likely to do any of the things mentioned above. But how about I start to push myself beyond my current comfort levels? Begin to step out and do something new?

      What a challenge.

      1. Dear Caroline,
        Yes! I’ve heard of faith being spelled, “r-i-s-k.” If we are going to walk by faith and not by sight, then oftentimes our steps will take us places that our eyes would advise otherwise. Just as it effort to learn a new skill, you may fail at first. Don’t let that discourage you. Your practice will lead to competency at living out the statements of Christ over what you previously thought was possible. You’re correct in saying it is a challenge, but that’s what makes the Christian life adventurous and supernatural. Awesome!

        Caroline shared a post on the Prayer Coach blog: Improve Your Prayer Life – Talk Less; Listen More.

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