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The Amazing Life God Wants for You

    Long Travel

    Life will never be the same for my family. We have taken the plunge and are now halfway around the world. We don’t know the language. We don’t know the city. Everything is new.

    Sometimes God is not all we want until He is all we have.

    Jesus has offered us an abundant life, but have you ever noticed that it comes on His terms. Billy Graham becomes the chaplain to presidents and Mother Teresa becomes an ambassador to the poor. Rick Warren leads a mega-church for many years, and Francis Chan leaves his mega-church to work in the poor of San Francisco. Does God have a better plan for some than others? Absolutely not. He is uniquely gifted each of us to live the life that brings us the greatest joy and Him the greatest glory.

    It’s still too early (and probably will be for some time) to tell exactly what is going on in our hearts in this move. All we know is we have a vision that is moving us forward. We are like a fish out of water. Everyone stares at us. We can’t understand what they say to us. How can we effectively start a business here that will help anyone? Still, we know we are more alive following His plan than staying the same hoping to be blessed.

    God desires you to live an amazing life.

    God will not make everyone move, but God’s best for your life is not for you to settle. God desires you to live an amazing life. He wants to turn your life into a bestselling movie with all the drama and excitement that keeps you wanting to know what will happen next.

    God thinks you are amazing. He has no doubts that He can accomplish anything through you. Let us never restrict God’s glory because of our doubts of ourselves. Facing our fears attacks these doubts and proclaims that you will trust God over what you feel is true. May your life amaze you and in doing so may you find your greatest joys.

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