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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : 40 More Prayer Quotes by Graham Cooke

40 More Prayer Quotes by Graham Cooke

    Graham Cooke Quotes

    1. The voice of the Lord is like a whisper at times. That’s why being still is important to prophecy. In the peace of God, revelation flows.
    2. ‎God said He would never leave you nor forsake you. That means you have the presence of God whether you feel it or not!
    3. ‎If God isn’t saying anything, go back over what He has said.
    4. ‎Real prayer is preceded and followed by a celebration of who God is for us.
    5. ‎Prayer is about finding out what God wants to do and then asking Him to do it.
    6. ‎We must open ourselves up to who God is for us. The most consistent way to do that is by rejoicing, giving thanks and joyful prayer.
    7. ‎Every time God speaks to you, it is to put a smile on your face.
    8. ‎We must pray in line with God’s purposes, not our problems.
    9. ‎Rejoicing and giving thanks from the heart will always overpower anything negative.
    10. ‎Be wholehearted in your love of God and your capacity to see Him will grow accordingly.
    11. ‎Brilliant prayer is about having a fantastic perspective.
    12. ‎If our first response is prayer, we often pray out of fear than a place of rest.
    13. ‎You don’t pray for the presence of God. You practice it. We are practicing the presence that we believe is present.
    14. ‎What if the whole point of prayer is that you don’t pray to get an answer but you pray with the answer.
    15. ‎God always talks to your heart first not your head. You asked Him into your heart; not your head.
    16. ‎You have no idea how many times God wants to say “yes” to you in your life!
    17. ‎A mature Christian moves in thanksgiving and praise even before the answer comes.
    18. ‎1 Thessalonians 5 puts prayer in the middle of a thanksgiving sandwich.
    19. ‎God always speaks to your potential, not your actual.
    20. ‎God is often silent. This silence doesn’t mean disapproval; in fact, when God is quiet it is generally an indication that He is happy with us. He doesn’t need to constantly reassure His mature sons and daughters when they are doing well; He just lets us be until we look like we’re heading off track.
    21. ‎Once you get to know God, you never want to stop the conversation.
    22. ‎Prayer is a discipline, preceded by the foundation of listening.
    23. ‎Our job is not to bring down the strongholds of the enemy. Our job is to bring down the Presence of God into our midst.
    24. ‎How do you seek God when He’s always with you? You learn to look for Him in every situation and become committed to that insight.
    25. ‎Rejoicing gives us the opportunity to hear God. When we enter His presence with thanksgiving, we open more of ourselves to His voice.
    26. ‎The glue that holds confidence and endurance together is praise.
    27. ‎We must be changed by the heart of God before we can become representative of it.
    28. ‎The most intimidating thing to the devil is your intimacy with God.
    29. ‎If you want the presence of God, you’ve got to learn to be present with God.
    30. ‎What if prayer is not praying towards God but praying with God.
    31. ‎When you agree with Heaven, then you release its resources.
    32. ‎The church must stop praying like a widow and start praying like a bride.
    33. ‎Your wildest imagination is nowhere near God’s dream for you.
    34. ‎What is your perception of God when you pray? Is He inclining His ear toward you, or do you feel as though you have to persuade Him, or trick Him, into listening? If your image of God is that He is interested and delighted in you, your whole prayer life and approach to Him will be changed. You’ll love prayer!
    35. ‎If you don’t feel like praying, ask the Holy Spirit how He would like to pray and follow the lead!
    36. ‎Don’t pray out of need, but out of identity and inheritance. You’ll get a much bigger response.
    37. ‎How you position yourself before God affects the way that you pray.
    38. ‎The Lord invites you into a relationship with Him that involves you loving yourself as much as He loves you.
    39. ‎Prayer is finding out what the Father wants, then standing in Christ before Him and asking Him to do it by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    40. ‎A joyful heart finds it easy to trust and to hear the voice of God.
    Graham Cooke

    6 thoughts on “40 More Prayer Quotes by Graham Cooke”

    1. I am 63 years old. over the last 10 years God has removed me from a churche background where you are kept so busy with programs you miss meeting with God, And you were never taught about his power.The power he wants us all have and use. God has shone me that i am a prophet [with no training]. my mentor is ill and i sense our time is short [which grieves me ]. Are there books ?, how do i advance from here Randy

      1. Dear Randy,
        Since you believe God has said you are a prophet, I would encourage you to find whatever you can on the love of God. People with the prophetic gift will get insight into other people or events. Sometimes this may lead the prophet to lean to heavily on “the truth” and hurt people in the process. Make sure this area of your life is solid and God will begin to entrust you with greater gifting in the prophetic.

        Graham Cooke seems to have a great grasp on this, seasoning the prophetic with the love of God. If you search online, you can find some free talks, maybe some PDF’s, or you can buy some of his books. Allow this to train you until God brings you to a community that you can grow in this gifting.

        I wish you the best. Blessings,

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