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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Why We Always Have Hope

Why We Always Have Hope

    Why We Always Have Hope

    Man’s Disconnect with God

    Most of us have been told since a young age that God loves us, but in the experience of our lives, nothing can feel further from the truth. In this world of individualism, we are bombarded with an opposite and seemingly more powerful message – you are the only one looking out for you. Generally speaking, people accept the latter, and God is barely given a second thought.

    Living our lives thinking the best in life is only what you can make out of it, leaves us believing that we must meet certain standards to feel good about ourselves. We are left with a fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear, fear, and more fear.  And we do not know with whom we can confide our fears because we also have the fear that if people found out who we really were, they will reject us.  We are left hopeless and lonely.

    Depression, a Natural Consequence

    Depression is one consequence of this loneliness. It affects everyone of us, whether it is a personal struggle or the struggle of a loved one. The RAND Corporation reported that “depression costs employers more than $51 billion per year in absenteeism and lost productivity, not including high medical and pharmaceutical bills.” If God really loves us, why do so many people hate their lives? Why does it feel like God left us alone?

    Man’s Search for Relief

    Fortunately, God did not leave us alone; we have only forgotten him. Having lost an understanding of how our lives are so intimately woven together with God, we connect ourselves more to the fantasies around us than to Him. Look at what people get caught up in—sports, politics, soap operas, “reality” shows, etc. All of these offer a taste of meaning, adventure, or connectedness, but none of them offer the real thing.

    God’s Pursuit of You

    God loves you and created you to have a relationship with Him. The love of God gives purpose to your life. God alone offers you the safety to express your hurts, issues, and needs. God knows everything about you, including your deepest, ugliest, dirtiest thoughts and behaviors, and still declares that He loves you. And He does not leave you there in your pain, but exposes those hurt areas to bring healing and wholeness.

    God’s Love for You Changes Your Life

    Those hurt areas that have for so long been the platform for the accusations against God’s love for you will become the operating table for God to bring you new life. No longer do you have to live a life of fear. You can step out and take risks because success or failure does not change the fact that God loves you. As we realize the confidence we have in the love of God, we are able to release the hang-ups, addictions, and fantasies that we have held onto for comfort.

    Depression is overcome by an awareness of hope. When you realize that the love of God offers a purpose for your life instead of condemnation, the dark clouds that have hovered over you are blown away. Life has meaning, and joy is a reality.

    Man’s Response to the Love of God

    God loves you endlessly. He loves you more than you even want to be loved. He wants you to experience this love, but He will not force Himself on you. God has made himself known; now your response is to go to Him. If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. In experiencing the love of God, you will find joy and fulfillment in life. The one who created you is waiting on you to let Him lavish you with His love.

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