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How to Pray for Healing

How to Pray for Healing

    I will give you a sample healing prayer, but the power is not in the words; it is an expression of faith in a God that heals and wants to heal.

    Essential Oils for Prayer

    How to Use Essential Oils for Prayer

      All of your life can be intercession to God. Just as fasting and neglecting food can have spiritual implications, so you can use essential oils for prayer.

      pray for this christmas

      12 Things to Pray for This Christmas

        Jesus came to the earth to make a way for people to come to God. Our prayers can partner with God’s heart. Here are 12 things to pray for this Christmas:

        Pray for Missionaries Christmas

        Pray for Missionaries This Christmas

          Don’t feel sorry for these missionaries; just be mindful of them and pray a little extra on their behalf. By this, you will also help spread the gospel.

          Hebrews Bible Study

          Hebrews Bible Study

            This Hebrews Bible study can be used individually or as a group study. Hebrews will be our focus; this study will be a tour guide to enhance the journey.

            how to see God face to face

            3 Things to Do to See God Face to Face

              God is the lifter of our countenance, which mean He desires to lift our heads. He wants us to look to Him. Here are 3 things to do to see God face to face.