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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 5 Easy Tricks to Supercharge Your Church Experience

5 Easy Tricks to Supercharge Your Church Experience

    Supercharge Church Experience

    Summer Vacation Excitement

    Summer for Americans is the time to take vacations. It’s expected. We know come May people will start asking us where we will go and what we will do. Therefore, we spent several hours planning trips finding the right places to go and where to stay while we were there.

    My wife and I decided that this summer we would take the girls camping, so that meant buying all the right equipment, making sure it all would work, and reserving camping spots in five different cities.

    Planning can take weeks of work. However, we gladly put in that work in order to create lasting memories with our family. We want them to remember times together and enjoy their childhood.

    Summer Vacations Ruined

    Still, with all this work, a child can still ruin all the planning. They can choose to be grumpy, complain about the sleeping arrangements, focus on their boredom in the car, or act on many other frustrations. If they want to have a bad time, they can still do that.

    Thankfully our experience wasn’t like that. Our girls loved the trip, but I was thinking about this because of another experience that is relatable.

    The Potential of Church Experiences

    Each Sunday all across the world, church leaders put on a service hoping to help Christians increase their love of God. They spent hours preparing, practicing, and refining to give us an opportunity to experience Jesus in a real way.

    They are serving up a banqueting table of fine foods that each lead us into communion with God. They give us a choice. Will we joyfully enter into this feast or let the food stay on the table?

    The thing we often forget about church is that we have a role to play. Sure there are times where we get swept into the presence of God by the great worship, great preaching, or just the supernatural hand of God. Those times are wonderful and exciting, but there are tricks you can do to make these occurrences happen more often.

    Getting the Most Out of the Service

    Our attitudes and expectations have a powerful effect on what we get out of church. You may be in the audience. You may feel like you are watching a show. But, you can pull on the heavens to come meet with you… and possibly those around you.

    I know you want more of God for yourself and others. You want to experience the reality of true communion with Jesus in every aspect of your life. So, here are five easy tricks to supercharge your church experience.

    5 Easy Tricks to Supercharge Your Church Experience

    1. Spend regular times during the week to focus on heaven. The more you practice on your own, the better you will participate with God with others.
    2. Pray for your church leaders. This is not an attempt to fix them or get them to do church a certain way; it is a request for God to pour so much of Himself into them that it naturally flows out onto others.
    3. During the service, set your heart to love Him. Verbalize your joy over Him. Let Him know how much He means to you. He likes this, but it also refocuses your mind and attention to His love over you.
    4. Look to see what God is doing and participate in it. Is He inviting you to sing? Then sing. Kneel? Then kneel. Raise your hands? Then raise your hands. Cry? Then cry. Pray for the person next to you? Then pray. God is always inviting you to join with Him, and there is no better time than at church.
    5. Refuse to concentrate on what you don’t like going on around you. The enemy is always trying to bring up things that steal our attention from what God is doing. You may later decide that church is not somewhere you would like to attend, but for that day you are there, spend your efforts on what God is doing and enjoy Him there.

    God is always with you. He is always working around you. He is always good. There is nowhere you can go from His presence. Therefore, why not look for what He is doing. Celebrate His goodness in that moment. And, prepare the way for others to do the same.

    Your church can be the most exciting place because you are focused on what God is doing. He is interacting with His loved ones, and you get the privilege to participate in that.

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