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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : guide : Page 4


How to deal with grief

6 Steps to Deal with Grief

    Jesus suffering grief in the Gospels when He wept and when He questioned God on the cross. Grief is normal. Knowing how to deal with grief is important.

    Pray for Politicians

    God Shed His Grace on Thee

      They are making decisions that affect our lives. Here are a short list of ways we can pray for politicians to elicit God’s help for them.


      10 Things to Pray for Your Wife

        Proverbs 31 provides the script for what to pray for your wife. Do you want your wife to be even more amazing and happy? Partner with God for His help.

        Prayer Quotes – Bill Bright

          God does not require you to have great faith. You simply are to have faith in a great God. – Check out more Bill Bright quotes to enlarge your faith.

          The Spiritual Importance of Fasting

          The Spiritual Importance of Fasting

            I have now done 8 40-day fasts, and I’m a believer in the spiritual importance of fasting. I’ve invited many of my friends to also share their experiences.

            Pray for Lost

            What to Pray for the Lost

              God is in the business of changing lives. Tap into His heart by praying through this list of 15 things to pray for your friends that do not yet know Jesus.

              Praying for Your Pastor

                Praying for your pastor is very important. While God has given you this person to lead you in your journey with Him, he is still a man and needs prayers.