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The Three Heaven Approaches to Problems

    There are 3 heavens approaches to problems through prayer. One will lead to worry, another to fear, but there’s an approach that will lead to hope and rest.

    10 Things to Pray for your Pastor

    10 Things to Pray for Your Pastor

      Discover the power of prayer for your pastor’s well-being and ministry. Learn how to uplift them through 10 meaningful prayers topics.

      How to Resist the Devil

      How to Resist the Devil

        Most discussions on how to resist the devil reside in knowing more Bible. We forget the devil used the Bible to tempt Jesus. There’s more to resisting satan.

        How to pray for others image

        How Do You Pray for Others?

          In Colossians Paul gives us 4 ways to help us with the question, how do you pray for others. These 4 steps will increase your effectiveness in prayer.

          What exactly is prayer?

          What Exactly is Prayer?

            Prayer becomes a guessing game on what God wants to do. No wonder we are to pray continually; it’ll take that long to get it right. Let’s think differently.


            How to Pray for Muslims

              Muslims will never be open to the love of Jesus if all they know is the religion of Christianity. Check out these five areas you can pray for Muslims.

              Emergency Prayers

              4 Things to Pray in an Emergency

                Emergencies happen in life. Step into these situations with faith and not fear. Here are 4 things to pray in an emergency to help change the outcome:


                The Prayer List Controversy

                  Many have strong opinions against prayer list, but they’re still an important tool in others’ prayer lives. What is the correct view? Add your thoughts: