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5 Ways to Find God

5 Ways to Find God

    Too often we don’t notice when God has moved to something else or is no longer with us. If you feel alone from God, try these 5 ways to find God:

    God Doesn't Want You Passive

    God Does Not Want You Passive

      Rest is God’s presence. This is the secret of not getting ahead of God. When His presence moves, we move. We must keep a watchful eye on His presence.

      Why Am I Depressed Over Christmas?

      Why Am I Depressed At Christmas?

        Many people have noticed being depressed at Christmas. You are not the only one. Here are some reasons for the anxiety and some ways to overcome it.

        7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life-wp

        7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life

          People approach prayer differently. You may prefer exploring it for yourself, or go with a plan. Whatever it is, here are 7 tips to a better prayer life:

          10 Things to Pray for Soldiers

          10 Things to Pray for Soldiers

            I hope you find this list pulled from Psalm 91 helpful, but even more I hope you make time to pray for soldiers who have risked their lives for you.

            5 Reasons Why We Need a Father

              Fathers instill into their kids they will be provided for, will be protected, have a purpose, and will enjoy life. Check out these reasons we need a father.

              5 Things to Pray for Israel

              5 Things to Pray for Israel

                As Christians we are to be concerned with what is going on in Israel and actively praying for it. God is still in love with Israel as children of Abraham.