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10 Characteristics of a Good Manly Movie

    I was with a group of male friends the other day talking about movies. One of them stated that it needed to have some killing in it that was followed by majority approval. To be honest I spend a couple days questions the needs of my gender and why I recoiled at that statement.

    Several years ago I was plagued by frequent violent dreams. I would wake up with my heart racing and breathing heavy — not the best way to get rest. They were not oppressive or consistent every night, but they were frequent enough that I wanted to do something about it.

    I sought God to find out if there was anything He was trying to tell me through my dreams. I immediately felt if I stopped watching violent movies, then the violent dreams would stop. That was about 10 years ago now, and I don’t remember anymore since then.

    Does this mean people should not watch violent movies? I’m not saying that; this is just my conviction. I will ask why that aspect of a movie makes it great for men? Death is an outcome of sin and is the underlying motive of our enemy. Jesus came to bring life. So where does this play into good movies? Killing is sometimes a necessity to guarantee freedom, but it doesn’t mean we glamorize it. David was a man after God’s own heart but was not allowed to build the temple for God because of his killing.

    Therefore instead of stating what I think manly movies are not, I have decided to offer some direction on this topic.

    Here are my conditions
    for a good manly movie.


    1. There has to be a passion to attain something greater than yourself.
    2. There has to be protection of a person/people that can’t protect themselves.
    3. There has to be a united group all working for the same goal.

    Nice to Haves:

    1. There is self-doubt that is faced and overcome.
    2. There is conflict in the united group that is overcome.
    3. There is a sports or war theme.

    Christian Extras:

    1. There is no nudity.
    2. There is respect towards women.
    3. There are no evil men made to look like demons.
    4. There is nothing to that stimulates lasting fear.

    Do you agree or disagree?
    What are some great manly movies?

    Amazing Grace
    I don’t know if it’s stereotypically “manly” (probably not but it should be) but I LOVE “Amazing Grace”! But then I’m a woman. It’s about a man who made a difference (end to British slavery), fighting peers and his own body because of his faith in God.
    Paul Abell
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    great themes of laying down life for others, honour, heroism, friendship in Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Kevin Shorter
    Star Wars – New Hope
    Friendship, mentoring, rescues, courage, and great repeatable lines.

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    1. this doesn’t answer my question at all. if I could please have them [the characteristics of a good movie] listed in an e-mail that would be great.

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