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How to Pray for Muslims

    How to Pray for Muslims

    After spending a year in the Middle East, I have been imprinted with love and respect for many aspects of their culture. First and foremost Muslims are people that God created and have the same ability to give and receive love. A good prayer list for any group will use this as a foundation from which to build. Here is a list of five things to pray for Muslims:

    1. Each Muslim would meet someone who loves Jesus and loves them.

    Many Christians pray for Muslims out of fear. We see certain aspects of that religion and become fearful of what might happen if their influence continues to spread. However, just as we often lump all Muslims together into their worst examples, most Muslims do the same thing. Almost every one of my friends at some point asked me about the Crusades to point out the negative aspects of Christianity.

    Interactions with love tear down walls and remove fear. Muslims will never be open to the love of Jesus if all they know is the religion of Christianity. The doors of the heart are opened through persistent love and friendship.

    2. They would know that God desires for us to know Him and is capable of protecting the communication He has given.

    Muslims honor the Bible as one of their holy books. However they feel that Christians changed and edited what was contained in it. Call on their beliefs of an All-Powerful, Supreme God. If He desired to give us a book of His words to us, then He is more than capable of maintaining the authenticity of its content.

    Two of my friends had been reading the Bible for a couple years before I arrived. Pray that God would intrigue Muslims to know what is in this holy book and be given opportunities to find a Bible to read.

    3. They would be more aware of God’s goodness to them.

    Muslims are already aware of their separation from God. They actually are more aware of sin than many Christians. However, they don’t know about God’s goodness. Pray for the hound of heaven to chase them down with His unyielding love for them.

    4. They would fall in love with God.

    Even if they understand God as Allah, love for God will open doors for them to receive God’s love. One comment we received from our friends in the Middle East was they were amazed how religious we were and yet still nice. They said that out of the people they knew, the more religious someone was, the more mean and angry they were. God is love, and His followers will be known for their love.

    5. They would have encounters with Jesus.

    One of my friends had a dream of a man saying to “Come to me.” After researching at the library and on the internet, he saw a picture of the man in his dream. It was Jesus. It was not long after this that he placed his faith in Jesus.

    Stories like this are not uncommon there. Muslims have a appreciation for dreams as Muhammad mentions God speaking to him through them. Jesus uses this open door to reach out to Muslims. Pray for more openness and encounters.

    Muslims need encounters with Jesus. Convincing a Muslim that Christianity is true will only get them trade in one religion for another. Encounters with a loving God will introduce them to a relationship with God that will forever change their lives.

    * Pray for the protection of those who decide to follow Jesus.

    My friend that had the dream above was beat up by his friends for converting to Christianity. Two other believers from the city we lived were brutally murdered for their faith the year after we left. I don’t mention this in order to strike up fear but to help bring light to the reality to their situation. God will bless those that are persecuted for the faith, but we don’t want to wish anyone into that position. These believers need our prayers.

    • May this prayer list help give guidance to your prayers for this lovely people group.
    • May they find the peace their hearts are striving for.
    Check out these books of people who grew up Muslim and later decided to follow Jesus. Both will give you ideas on what to pray for Muslims. If you find yourself hating people of Islamic faith, please spend more time with God, as He doesn't hate them. Here are those two books:
    1. I Dared to Call Him Father: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman's Encounter with God
    2. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity
    Experience power in your prayer for Muslims

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