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10 Things to Pray for Your Pastor

    10 Things to Pray for your Pastor

    Unfortunately events occur that remind you to pray for your pastor. The news tells us stories of pastors falling away, making incredulous statements, and such. Not all of what we read is true, but there is a pressure on the position as they seek to lead you in your relationship with God. They may not ask you for it, but they need your prayers. There are many things you can pray for your leader. Ask God to help lead you in these prayers. I have put together a list to help you think through what to pray for your pastor.

    10 Things to Pray for Your Pastor

    1. He will first take care of his wife and family.

    • God can get someone else to lead your church; He can’t get anyone else to lead his family.

    2. His primary purpose of meeting with God would be to know Him better and not only to lead the church better.

    • If the church is removed from Him, will he still love God?

    3. He will lead from real experiences with God and not just information he has learned.

    4. He will lead the church close to God and not just devoted to the church or church activities.

    5. He will be free to lead the church as he feels God has led him with respectful counsel from trusted friends and prayer partners.

    • He will know perfection is not expected but passion for Jesus is. He will also know he is not alone, nor is God only talking to him.

    6. He will be protected from pride and only go after projects God has specifically laid before for him and the church.

    7. Each week he will aim to lead people to Jesus.

    • This is not just an altar call, but a real, deep encounter with our God.

    8. He will have a group of men around him that know him well and believe in him.

    • May he share with them his dreams, passions, struggles, and mistakes. This is not an accountability group but men who will remind him of what God says about him and encourage him to live in agreement with those words.

    9. He will feel free to have a life outside of church — for his sanity and for the sake of his family.

    10. May the power and love of God flow into every area he touches.

    If you have a female pastor…

    I wrote this for a male pastor mainly because this is all I have ever had. You can easily also pray these for a female pastor with a few alterations. However, I would like to suggest two more if your pastor is a female:

    1. She will have confidence in her calling to keep her strong in the midst of attacks from within the body.
    2. She will trust God to bring in the people to whom she is specifically gifted to minister and know she doesn’t have to convince anyone of her calling but herself.

    May this list help guide you in your prayers for your pastors. May this list help encourage you to pray.

    Praying for your pastor

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