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How to Overcome Problems: Know Who You Are

    How to Overcome Problems

    Knowing Who You Are Is Not The Same As Knowing Who You Have Been

    Have you noticed that God thinks that you are more amazing than you do? This may be the biggest reason we have a hard time hearing Him speak to us. He is saying something wonderful about us, and we shut Him down. We think that there is no way that is God speaking to us because He would know that I really am . . . Those amazing words must be coming from our pride.

    This is what happened to Moses. God tells him that he would set the Israelites free, and Moses tells God that he was not fit for the job (Exodus 3:10-11). You are not being humble when you disagree with God.

    Gideon does the same thing. God sends him an angel to tell him he was going to save Israel, and Gideon also tells him why he was the wrong man (Judges 6:14-15). Our natural response to God’s call on our lives is to question His choice. We most move past this. God likes to use our weaknesses to show Himself strong (2 Corinthians 12:10). He likes to choose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27).

    I have been leading men’s groups for some time now, and this has become the main focus of our times together. We often have a hard time believing what God says about us, so as a group we attempt to put a megaphone to God’s thoughts about each other that we main drown out all negative self-talk. We need each other to repeat God’s words to us that we may choose to live out of them instead of the excuses we have for why God can’t use us.

    If you want to see the miraculous in your life, start living out of who God says you are. If you want to overcome the problems you face, choose to believe what God is saying about you. God’s words about you will give you strength and hope.

    How David Overcame His Problems

    The story of David and Goliath is an amazing story, but we often think it is impractical to our lives. The underdogs don’t always win. How could David have such confidence?

    In the story David tells Saul that God helped him defeat the bear and the lion. There was some confidence in his history, but I believe there was more. Just before going to deliver his brothers food, the prophet Samuel came to visit David’s family to say God would make David the next king of Israel.

    Goliath stood in the way of this promise from God. He knew if something wasn’t done there would be no Israel for which him to be the king. If he fought Goliath and lost, God’s word would have returned void, and that would be impossible. Therefore, there was no way for David to lose. David overcame his problem by moving toward the obstacle standing in the way of God’s word for his life.

    How to Overcome Problems

    When you know God’s call on your life, you can have courage when the obstacles toward that call come before you. Those obstacle will only have three effects:

    1. They will scare you away from your calling or at least delay your progress. This outcome is only possible when you choose to run. They have no power except intimidation. (see the 12 spies)
    2. You seemingly lose the battle but find that you are more exponentially closer to who God says you are and who you will become than you were before the problem came. (see Joseph)
    3. The problem bows its knee before you. God exalts you by revealing His power on your behalf. (see Daniel)

    Do you want to move past the problems in your life? Then get to know how God sees you. Listen to what He is saying about you. Find those areas that disagree to God’s words and repent. Chose to believe God’s words. Declare them as true. Relate to yourself as if they are true, and the problems in your life will give way to you. It’s how to overcome problems.

    If you don’t know what God is specifically saying about you, ask me in the comments or on the contact page. I will respond to you by email to honor your privacy. I have a decent track record for this, but more importantly I know God really wants you to know how He sees you. It is important to fulfilling God’s call on your life. It is who you are made to be. Blessings.

    4 thoughts on “How to Overcome Problems: Know Who You Are”

    1. I really want to know what to do for to open my spiritual eyes. Or how I can get to see in the spirit, Help me in prayers too for me to have a job yours nathan a humble man

      1. Dear Nathan,

        Thank you for reaching out. Love God and love others. If you do this, you will find things go well with you in your times with God. They are the two main commandments. As you are loving, look for God in all you do. Seek Him and you will find Him. Listen for His voice, He wants to speak to you. God has you in the palm of His hand. As that truth becomes more evident to you, you will find peace and freedom in your life. I pray you find a job soon. And, I pray that this process of looking for a job sets in motion a testimony of your relationship with God that motivates you the rest of your life.


    2. Thank you for your impact.i believe before you believe who you are you have to understand what God say about you and take the step .then you will see the love of God in you

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