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7 Tips To Get Your Children To Follow God

    7 Tips to Get Your Children to Follow God

    Biblical Examples of Good Parenting

    David is one of the most loved characters in the Bible. He is the one after God’s own heart. He lived by faith and loved to worship. However, when it came to parenting, we don’t get a good example to follow. Out of his sons, we get rape, incest, murder, deceit, betrayal, and not many Godly examples.

    Samuel is another great man in the Bible. He heard the words of the Lord and led the people of Israel. And yet, his kids were so bad that as Samuel grew old, Israel begs for a king to avoid having them take his place. Unfortunately, there are not many examples of good parenting in the Bible.

    Even the New Testament is silent. Paul had no kids. While Peter was married, there is no mention of children. What I take from this is parenting is hard, and it doesn’t follow that Godly people will raise Godly children. That is sobering!

    How To Raise Your Children to Follow God

    Raising your children to follow is God is not impossible, but you have to be intentional. To help you in your pursuit of raising Godly children, I have put together a list of 7 tips. Please leave comments if there are more that you would add.

    1. Follow Hard After God Yourself

    While this doesn’t guarantee that your children will follow God, it helps. There is nothing worse in parenting in telling your children something is important when they don’t see it lived out in you. More is caught than taught, especially in parenting. Also as you follow hard after God yourself, you have access to His resources and His wisdom needed for the unique children God has given you.

    2. Share Your God Experiences With Your Children

    Your relationship with God can be very personal and virtually unknown to your children if you don’t share it. Open up your world to them. Let them know what God is showing you and what you are trusting Him for. Invite them into your experiences so that they have a grid for how to follow God for themselves.

    3. Love You Children Extravagantly In Ways They Can Receive – No Matter What

    Your children will hold what’s dear to you if they feel cherished by you. Do they know they are loved by you even when they make mistakes? Does your love feel conditional to them?

    Everybody wants to feel special, and your children will naturally look to you first for this affirmation. If they don’t get it from you, they will find someone else who will. Whoever makes them feel the most special will have the most influence on their lives.

    4. Teach Your Children How They Can Follow God

    Even the most simple things in the kingdom need to be taught. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Look for what God is doing in their lives and coach them in the process. Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God is a good place to start.

    God is always at work around you. He calls you into a love relationship. He invites you to join Him. God speaks to you through many different things. His invitation leads you into a crisis of belief. You must adjust your life to join Him. You can experience God as you obey Him.

    5. Give Your Children Opportunities To See For Themselves That God Is Alive

    At some point, your children need to follow God for themselves. Giving them opportunities while they are still with you allows you the chance to help them interpret these encounters and help them make adjustments. When they start seeing God show up for themselves, they are no longer living off your faith but growing in their own.

    6. Have Fun With Your Children – Creating Enjoyable Memories

    Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, therefore let your children enter into the joy of the Lord. As they experience His joy over them and your joy over them, they will want to continue to come back to that place. God loves your children. He loves being with them. Joy pulls you out of duty and religion and into a living relationship with the Lord.

    Creating enjoyable memories gives your children hooks to place their feelings on. We have a Saturday Big Breakfast we do each week. They know they can count on this and look forward to our special food. We play Tickle Monster together where there is much screaming and giggles. It will look different for your family, but put in place events where they remember your interaction with them.

    7. Pray For and With Your Children

    Everything needs to be covered in prayer—especially something as important as the future of your children. Prayer empowers each activity and interaction. It reminds you of your goals for your children. It opens you up to alterations that may be needed during the different seasons of your children’s lives. Prayer is the lifeblood for getting anyone to follow God as nobody will come to Jesus unless the Father draws Him. We have this list of 10 Things to Prayer for Your Children to help give some ideas of what to pray.

    I hope this post has been helpful to you. May you use these 7 tips to spur ideas and inspire hope for your kid’s future. Take heart. God wants you to succeed and is eager to help you in the process. Please leave additional tips that you may have in the comments to encourage others.

    5 thoughts on “7 Tips To Get Your Children To Follow God”

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    2. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I am learning.
      Other ways that has worked for me on prayer for my children is when they sleep. I lay my hands on them and speak GOD’s word into their lives!

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