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God Wants to Bless You

    God Wants to Bless You

    In sharp reaction to the “name it and claim it” message, the majority of the Christian community has rejected the notion that God wants to bless them. But if we know how to give good gifts, why would we think God would withhold from us (Luke 11:13)? Let us expand our view of God being a loving Father.

    I love giving gifts to my children. I enjoyed taking them to Disney World. I love hearing them giggle when I tickle them. Recently my wife and I gave them dessert for breakfast. We give to our kids because we love them. Why do we feel that God gives to us only if it can be used to advance His kingdom?

    God Blesses Us So We Can Be a Blessing

    We devalue God’s love to think He only blesses us so that we can bless others. That’s not love; that’s manipulation. We can bless others with the blessings God gives us, but it is not the reason He gives it. We can experience the greater blessing giving over receiving, but that is our choice. It is not an expectation on us.

    Like all grandparents, Allison’s (my wife) grandfather enjoyed giving things to her. When she was young, he would take her out to eat, but Allison would always pick the cheapest thing on the menu. She may have felt she didn’t want to be a burden. She may have felt it unnecessary to spend money on food. Whatever her reasoning, she denied her grandfather the joy of seeing her receive his generosity.

    So many of us have done this to God. It may not be the healthiest thing to eat dessert for breakfast, but it doesn’t mean He doesn’t want to give it to us sometimes. Sure, we are to be content with what He has given us, but He also says we don’t have because we don’t ask (James 4:2).

    God is Good Father And He Loves His Children

    Our Heavenly Father is wealthy. We have been adopted into a rich family. I don’t want to encourage you to make demands on God, but right now I am more concerned that you might think He values you too little to give you good things. God richly lavishes His love on us and has blessed us with every spiritual blessing (1 John 3:1 & Ephesians 1:3). He didn’t spare His own Son for us, how will not also give us all things (Romans 8:32)?

    Let’s position ourselves to be overwhelmed by God’s goodness and His generosity for us. Repeat after me:

    God loves me and there is no good thing that He would withhold from me.

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