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10 Things to Pray for Your Wife

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I hope most of you are like me and married up. You know what I am talking about – you married someone that amazes you everyday. I know I am truly blessed because I could have never been as picky to get all of the things I got in a wife.

Whether you know you are as blessed as I am or not, you can enjoy this gift even more by handing your spouse over to the Lord. Here are 10 things to pray for your wife taken from Proverbs 31. There are two extra items of prayer from the passage, but they are more items for you in regards to your wife. As you pray these things for your wife, look to how God answers your prayer. These are prayers He loves to answer because prayer is a way we can make our wife holy, care for her, and present her to Jesus without stain (Ephesians 5:25-29).

10 Things to Pray for Your Wife

  1. Make her of noble character (v. 10).
  2. Bless the work of her hands (v. 12-14).
          * Help me to always show my confidence in her (v. 11).
  3. Give her compassion for the poor and needy (v. 20).
  4. Lead her into what is best for the children (v. 21).
  5. Help her to love me, even when I don’t deserve it, to encourage greatness in me (v. 23).
  6. Give her confidence in You, O Lord (v. 25).
  7. Let the words of her mouth be wisdom directly from You (v. 26).
          * May the children and I never cease to praise her (v. 28).
  8. Put in her a healthy fear of You (v. 30) and may she experience the joy of the Lord.
  9. May the work she does give You honor and give her joy (v. 31).
  10. May others see Your beauty reflected in her (v. 31).

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  1. Thank-you for this. I really needed to pray for my wife and search for it on a search engine and your site came up. I just wanted you to know this is still producing fruit.

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