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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : Ten Things to Pray for Your Children

Ten Things to Pray for Your Children

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    My wife and I spent a year on staff at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Gainesville, FL. We learned decades worth of experience in ministry and life through our time there through the wonderful people in the church and the leadership of the priest and his wife, Ron and Susie Kuykendall.

    One of the many resources we received was this list of things to pray for your children put together by Susie. We did not have children during our time at this church, but I remember how important it was to pray for our kids’ spouses early on which is a practice we do today. I believe that you will find this list extremely helpful as a guide to pray for your children.

    Ten Things to Pray for Your Children

    1. Soften their hearts, Lord, that they might be drawn to You and towards the things that please You.
    2. Bring them to an early, saving knowledge of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
    3. Help them love people and also help them not to resent their parents’ love of people.
    4. Give my daughter a loving husband who will love and cherish her all the days of her life. Be with this boy as he grows. Guard him and protect him. Help him to grow into a man of God.
    5. Give my daughter good and kind boyfriends who will treat her well and teach her about relationships. Be with them now as they make early choices in their young lives. Help my son be a good boyfriend.
    6. Provide a loving wife for my son, Lord. May she love and honor him all her days. Be with her, guard her, and protect her from all harm.
    7. Protect my children, Lord, from the mistakes I make.
    8. Give them a gentle spirit.
    9. Protect my children from harmful people.
    10. Protect my children from harmful spirits.

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    Pray for your children

    7 thoughts on “Ten Things to Pray for Your Children”

    1. Thanks so much for this site……… Please pass along Kristi and Kyle, my 20 yr old and 15 year old for prayer as they are dealing with tough situations in life.

      Thank you so very much!!

      1. Dear Mark,
        Thank you for comment on the site. Parenting can be very hard as these children can get to the deep areas of our hearts. That can give us the greatest joys in life and the greatest pains. Press in for God’s heart for them and what He feels they need at this time. A parent’s prayers are very powerful and effective. May God comfort you in this difficult time.
        Blessings, Kevin

    2. I thank God for this web-site I need prayer for my children. I have 5. My oldest is a girl 33. She loves the Lord and is currently working in the ministry. Please keep her in your prayers. She had a tough life because I battled with drugs most of my life. I am free today but all of my children have been affected by my addiction. My 31 year old daughter is currently pregnant. She has lost two children in the past and now 8 years later she is pregnant please pray for her. She has accepted Christ as her Savior we pray together alot. My 26 year old need your prayers he is dealing drugs and is need of a Savior, please agree with me for his salvation. My 17 year old son is battling a drug addiction. Please pray for him and my 16 year old daughter is looking for love in all the wrong places. I know that my children are covered with the Blood of Jesus. I pray for them often. Sometimes life gets overwhelming but I am encouraged today.

      1. Dear Ella,
        Thank you for your honest comments. You have been given authority over your children in the spiritual realm and the prayers of a parent are very powerful. Know that you are partnering with heaven for your requests because they are also on the heart of the Father. I pray that you get such a touch from the Father that all potential guilt over your past is removed and all your prayers are from the place of being forgiven and with authority. Ella, you are not alone. The Father smiles over you and is very pleased with you.

    3. Me mother Pat Father Buddy of our son Xavier … age 23 please pray for him and us as his parents.His busy using drugs with wrong group of friend when he leave on a Friday we as parent will only see him Monday when he needs to go to work we need help please.

      1. Dear Pat,
        I’m sorry to hear about your son. I know this can be very scary for a parent to endure. I pray that he would come to his senses and that God will give you comfort and peace. He loves you and your son very much.

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