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Hebrews Bible Study

    Hebrews Bible Study

    Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews?

    We have many interesting theories on who wrote Hebrews. Paul is considered the author by many, because he wrote most of the New Testament. The style, language, and lack of attribution, is the common cause of doubt about his real authorship. Beyond that, it is really speculation. There have been claims of Barnabas, Apollos, and even Priscilla.

    The Book of Hebrews is a wonderful addition to the New Testament. Placed in the Bible at the beginning of the section of other authors. While only God knows the true author, this mystery did not hinder its inclusion in the set we now know as the Bible.

    Jesus is the Fulfillment of the Old Testament

    This book was written to people who knew the Old Testament and the Law well. This creates a different starting point than most of the other New Testament writings. While referencing the Old Testament, Hebrews highlights Jesus as its fulfillment. God now speaks to us through His Son, the priest forever mediating on our behalf before the throne of God. He was without sin and yet understands our weakness.

    Hebrews Invites Us to Entering Into God’s Presence

    Hebrews invites us on a journey to the throne room of God to find ourselves accepted there. Jesus is the perfect high priest who is ever before God’s throne. He makes us acceptable in God’s presence. We are to boldly come and draw near to God with an assurance of faith. All hindrances between us and God have been removed.

    This study will highlight our invitation and the rewards for the journey. Therefore engage your mind with the questions so you will be ready to respond to God’s desire.

    May This Hebrews Bible Study Enhance Your Journey With God

    This study can be used individually or as a group study. Before you get started, read through Hebrews on your own first. The Book of Hebrews will be our focus; this Bible study will just be a tour guide to enhance the journey.

    May you be encouraged to enter in.

    Download here:  Hebrews Bible Study on Prayer  (PDF)


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