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How to Pray for Our Leaders

    Pray for Leaders

    A Visit to Beijing

    This past week I finally got to travel to Beijing. It was wonderful seeing all of the historical sites; I can’t describe how amazing the Great Wall really is. Even the newer buildings erected for the Olympics had incredible architecture. I really loved the city.

    While in Beijing the Russian president came to visit the Chinese leader Xi Jinxing. Tiananmen was decorated with Chinese and Russian flags. The Chinese brought out the military parade and fired a 21 gun salute for Putin. Since I was in Beijing during this meeting I pondered what if I got to meet these men.

    What If I Met World Leaders?

    What would I do if I got to meet Putin and JinPing? For the little we know of these two men in the West, most would not consider them following Christian principles. Some would consider their policies or governments actively against Christians. Would I use that opportunity to let these men know how I feel?

    I absolutely would! I might never have another chance to be in front of such powerful men. Maybe God had put me in front of them specifically to let them know how He feels about them… how much He loves them.

    What I Would Pray For World Leaders

    I would want to pray for them and bless their leadership. I would pray for wisdom to lead such powerful countries into prosperity. I would pray they would have favor with other countries to promote peace and good trade. I would pray that they would know that God was near them, protecting them, and empowering their decisions.

    Thinking through this fantasy interaction I developed a deeper love for these men. God put them into these positions of power. He had implanted in them all they need to successfully run their countries. The can safely lead their people into a place were all will go well with them.

    I wanted them know I would love them and pray for them. I wanted them to know that I wanted them to succeed at everything they put their hands to. I wanted to be so trusted by them because they knew I was for them and don’t have an agenda.

    Donald Trump Picks His Religious Advisors

    It was interesting that during that same time Donald Trump listed his group of religious advisors. I wonder how these religious leaders would advise this man seeking the Presidency of the United States. Would they point out all his failings? Would they steer him to be someone he is not to make him more appealing to Christians? Or, would they deeply and profoundly love him?

    Can We Trust God With the Leaders He Sets Up?

    I feel I need to trust God more with the rulers He establishes. It is not to say these people are wonderful or completely following God’s desires. We all make mistake. We all have false beliefs of what should be right. Can we trust God to take care of us in the midst of other people’s mistakes?

    I can have opinions about what politicians should do or be like, but I need to know where my responsibility ends. I can have an opinion about who Trump or Hillary designate as their religious advisors, but I don’t have a right to actually choose them. I may have an opinion about Chinese foreign policy, but I don’t have a right to make that policy. God has gifted those leaders to make those decisions, and as I respect their decisions, I can lean in on God to protect me from any bad decision.

    Let’s Pray for Our Leaders

    Let’s pray for the world leaders. Let’s ask God for His love for them. They really do have the weight of the world on their shoulders. They don’t need our anger or attacks; they need our love and prayers.

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