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God be disappointed with you

Can God Be Disappointed in You?

When you make mistakes, is God disappointed with you? Does God use displeasure to move us to repentance or is there another way?

The Gift of Weakness

Gideon’s Wonderful Weakness

As you give yourself to God, your weakness becomes your greatest strength. God promises to be strong in our weakness, as we look to him with trust & faith.

Why We Always Have Hope

Why We Always Have Hope

Most of us have been told since a young age that God loves us, but in the experience of our lives, nothing can feel further from the truth.

How to Pray in the Spirit

How to Pray in the Spirit

Paul commands us to pray in the Spirit everyday as our armor. He also states not to forbid its use. Here is a practical guide how to pray in the Spirit.


How the Devil Encourages You to Pray

The enemy knows if we get too focused on what we want from God, we can easily be led astray. By becoming too focused on the prayers we lose focus on God.

God is Not Looking to Punish You

Are we honoring God saying the ramifications of our decisions are too great an obstacle for His cross? God is not looking to punish you; He wants to love.