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8 Ways to Improve Your Life

     How Do You View Yourself

    Who Would Be Naive Enough to Hire Us?

    I wonder how many of us would be employed if we approached job interviews the same way we approach God.

    “I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today. I know I don’t deserve any of your time. In fact I’m really unworthy of being in your presence, but I would like to be considered for this job. It is completely over my head, but I know if you did my work for me, I would succeed. In fact I will do my best to get out of your way because I want more of you and less of me.”

    It Is Easy to Feel Unworthy Next to God.

    I can understand how we can feel this way next to God. Isaiah enters into the realm of heaven and is overwhelmed with how unworthy he feels. “I am ruined” (Isaiah 6:5). This is a common experience throughout Scriptures: Joshua, Peter, John, etc. It happens so often that we think this is required from God.

    However, God encourages us to get up and gives us His peace. We can boldly come before His throne (Hebrews 4:16). He is not trying to make us feel unworthy; He wants us to know how amazing we are. ALL His works are wonderful (Psalm 139:14). He wants us to use the talents He gave us. He wants to empower us and let us shine. He lines up the clouds of witnesses to cheer us on as we advance His kingdom on earth.

    Let Us Transform Our Minds.

    Most of Christianity wants us to think less of ourselves else we get prideful, yet God seems to always say we are better than we could even imagine. It’s embarrassing how great He thinks we are. Last week’s guest post about ‘who does God say I am?‘ was so helpful because we tend to forget what God has told us because our brains have a hard time processing it. Reminding ourselves regularly helps make those words real.

    Let us repent of our negative view of ourselves and agree with what God says is true. Let us reprogram our thinking by transforming our minds. Print out these following phrases and repeat them out loud over yourself for the next few weeks. We will limit the fullness of what God wants to do through us if we don’t believe the power He has put in us.

    8 Ways to Improve Your Life.


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