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The Three Heaven Approaches to Problems

There are 3 heavens approaches to problems through prayer. One will lead to worry, another to fear, but there’s an approach that will lead to hope and rest.

God's Way is Joy

God’s Way is Joy

We are not meant to live in grief. Grief and sorrow drain you of life. God gives life. We are to live in constant awareness of God’s hope that leads us to joy.

DON'T Limit Your Prayers

Don’t Limit Your Prayers

Don’t limit your prayers by what you think is possible or right. Trust the Holy Spirit’s leading and pray in faith. You may be surprised what God will do.

Bible Verses on God's Passionate Love

Bible Verses on God’s Passionate Love

God’s not just casually in love with you, but most Christians miss it; He loves with a passionate, unfailing love. Read these Bible verses on God’s love for us.


Thoughts on Biblical Humility

God wants us to be so satisfied with how He made us that we would stop looking for approval in what we do. Biblical humility is living who you were created.

Let's All Be Brave by Annie Downs

Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs

Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs has two purposes it is trying to tell: 1. God made you on purpose and 2. God made you to be brave. Here is a quick review.

2 Truths to Revolutionize Your Prayers

Prayers of many Christians are being held back because of lies they believe. Revolutionize your prayers with these two truth and add life to your prayers.

Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter Banner

Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter

Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter looks at the roots that allowed addiction to spring up and how to eradicate them. Freedom is available!