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Tell Them God Loves Them

Tell Them God Loves Them

If they are struggling with prayer, tell them God loves them. God loves you and wants to be with all the time and in every circumstance.

Am I Really Amazing?

Am I Really Amazing?

Each of us has something that God put in us that makes us amazing. He wants us to live and pray accordingly. Here are 5 steps to know you are amazing.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up; Never Tire Out

When we pray we expect an easy answer, but many times the road takes a detour or stops altogether. Don’t give up. God has hidden provisions along the way.

Do We Know Who God Is?

Do We Know Who God Is?

Our main problem with prayer is we don’t know who God is. If we really knew His love and how He wants to give to us, we would have no problem with prayer.

Glorify Me

Father, Glorify Me!

For most, our form of Christianity doesn’t allow this: Father, glorify me. It doesn’t sound humble. It feels self-aggrandizing. But, is it a good prayer?

The Importance of Believing in Yourself

We need reminders of who God says we are because our past, the world, and the devil will tell us a different story. It’s important to believe in ourselves.

The Importance of Being You

The importance of being you is that the Holy Spirit helps you become the person God created you to be. Favor and blessing flows from heaven as you are you.