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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : Who Should You Vote For?

Who Should You Vote For?

    Who Should You Vote For

    I Will Not Tell You Who To Vote For

    I know I lost several people with just the title. The last thing some of you want is another political post telling you who to vote for. I understand, so right off the bat I will not tell you who you should support.

    Now that you breathed a sigh of relief, your next question should be why the heck did you write this. Well, like many of you I have had several people telling me who I needed to vote for. Some are well-meaning friends, some are Christian leaders, some are just smart people. The point I am always left with is they don’t really help me make the decision; they just want to tell me what the decision should be.

    Now some of you are not from America and maybe are just following the election with a low level of interest. Again, this article still should be of help to you, because, at some point you have to make a decision. This will lead you into an important part of that process.

    By All Means, Vote!

    First of all, if you have a chance to vote, you have a responsibility to vote. This election cycle has probably two candidates that a majority of people don’t like. I understand this. Still that doesn’t negate the fact that one of them will win and you can help determine who that will be. So figure out who should receive your vote.

    How Do You Figure Out Who To Vote For?

    As a Christian you are never without hope. There is also an answer to the decisions you make. But, that answer may not be the most obvious one. We need to go to God for the answers. He knows things about the future to which we are oblivious. He knows the right decisions we should make to be ready for those future events. We need to go to Him to make correct decisions.

    When Samuel went to the house of Jesse to choose a king, he saw the eldest son and immediately thought this should be the king. God had to step in to change the course of history. God said that He had rejected this one (1 Samuel 16:7). Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

    Stop Judging By Outward Appearances

    For both Trump and Clinton, every comment I hear is about their outward appearance. This one lies. This one boasts. This one is angry. This one is scary. In reality this is all we have to go one… without God’s input.

    But we do have God, and He wants to speak to us. Let’s stop making decisions like the world does. God says our decisions should be like fools to the world (1 Corinthians 3:18). We are to stop conforming to the standards of thinking that the world does (Romans 12:2). The only way we can do this is to ask God for His thoughts and His wisdom because they are not like ours (Isaiah 55:8-9).

    Allow This Election To Start a Conversation with God

    Finally, I think there is nothing wrong for a Christian leader to support a particular candidate. But, I think it is more important to help people learn how to make decisions for themselves. God wants to use everything to draw us closer to Him. This path of asking God His opinion leads to a conversation with the Creator of the universe. It deepens our relationship and helps us to connect with Him.

    Let’s take every thought captive and bring it into obedience to Christ (1 Corinthians 10:5). This means whenever we start thinking for ourselves, let’s bring God into the conversation. Ask Him His thoughts about the matter. You may not get anything, but at least by trying you are preparing yourself to hear Him better in the future.

    Ask God Who You Should Vote For

    This election season, ask God who you are to vote for. Listen to His answer. Feel free to ask Him why He wants you to vote for that person. It is not a debate with God, but allow yourself to dive into a deeper understanding of His heart.

    If you don’t get an answer about who to vote for, keep asking. Whatever you do, don’t abstain from voting, unless of course you were going to vote for the person I don’t want to win. ☺ I am completely kidding. God wants to speak to you. He wants you to know that you matter. Keep pressing in and vote for who God wants you to vote for.

    “In a world that might say one vote doesn’t matter… it does matter because each person is of infinite worth and value to God” – Billy Graham

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