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3 Things God Wants You To Know This Easter

    God Wants You to Know This Easter

    As we look to celebrate Easter, I was reminded of what God may be trying to get us to remember. I thought how He must love Reese’s peanut butter eggs, and how He doesn’t believe in the Easter bunny. Seriously, Easter is an important holiday where we remember Christ rose from the dead. This one act changed all of recorded history, but it is also meant to have daily importance on our lives. Here are 3 things God wants you to know this Easter.

    1. Never Lose Hope

    First of all, we are not like those of the world who are without God and without hope (Ephesians 2:12). During the darkest hour of Christianity, when all of our hopes died at the cross, Christ rose from the dead. And, the same power that rose Christ from the dead now lives in every believer (Romans 8:11). We are never without hope. If you have any area of your life that is not filled with hope, invite more of our risen savior into that need. He has more than enough hope for you.

    2. God is for You

    It is easy to get caught up with the cross as an incredible act of love and miss that He didn’t have to do it. He wasn’t just fighting Satan or sin; He was attempting to bring you into a relationship with Himself. While you were an enemy of God, living a life apart from Him, He died on the cross to bring you back (1 Peter 3:18). You can never go too far that He will not fight to get you back.

    If life has got you down, think through all that God has done to win you over (see the post: If God is for us…). He has not given up on you. He is for you and will fight on your behalf.

    3. You are Immensely Important

    Now if God has done this for you, He must think you are worth it. If God thinks you are worth it, then you must be because God cannot lie. He is not just being nice; He knows you and says you are worth it all. Let’s stop thinking that we are a sinful waste that God took pity on and start living out of the value that He sees in us.

    An awareness of this value God sees leads us to greater worship because He sees us in a way we could not even believe was true. But it is true. You are important. You were created to change our world for good.

    May you have a wonderful Easter filled with all the joy and hope found in our Risen King!

    3 thoughts on “3 Things God Wants You To Know This Easter”

    1. Hi Prayer Coach,
      Thank you for this uplifting post. it’s nice to know that I am worth fighting for. 🙂
      will you pray for me that God will help me believe it, so I can trust Him more?
      Thanks so much. And may you have a very joyous Easter, too.
      ps: I think God likes the crispy chocolate easter eggs the best. hee hee.

      1. Rachel, Jesus gladly fights for you because He loves you with His entire heart. For you, He would eat the crispy chocolate easter eggs – even if He’d prefer the chocolate – peanut butter eggs. 🙂

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