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How Do You Pray for Others?

In Colossians Paul gives us 4 ways to help us with the question, how do you pray for others. These 4 steps will increase your effectiveness in prayer.


Can Demons Block Our Prayers?

A recent comment asked, can demons block our prayers? While many Christians give a hasty NO, I think the question is worthy of investigation.

Jesse Skinner

Staying In the Race – Be Encouraged

You may have setbacks. You may even forget why you’re running sometimes. But rest assured, you are further along than you think. Stay in the race.

How Do You View Yourself

8 Ways to Improve Your Life

Christians often want us to think less of ourselves else we get prideful, yet God seems to think we’re amazing. Here are 8 ways to improve your life.

How to succeed in a seemingly hard place

How to Succeed in a Hard Place

Living overseas people love to come and give us refreshing. I appreciate their heart, but can we succeed to such a level that we are always overflowing?

our confidence in prayer

Our Confidence in Prayer

I had to reconsider my motives. What is more important to me – to raise a child that enjoys worshipping God or to not cause a stir? What would God do?

Do You Believe You Will Be Blessed

Do You Believe You Will Be Blessed?

When we trust God will bless us, we have confidence about our future. Then life becomes an adventure looking for all the blessings God has made available.

God Always Initiates

God Always Initiates

God is always initiating with us because He is always in love with us. He uses everything. Let us sit back and listen to how He will draw us.

Giving Up or Overcoming?

Giving Up or Overcoming?

Disappointment sets us back where we downgrade our view of God so we will not get hurt again. Are we giving up on God or overcoming in our faith?