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Update On My Stepping Out In Faith

That’s the thing about God… His ways are not like our ways. He knows what we need and in His pleasure He will meet them in His ways.

5 Characteristics of Those Who Live in God's Presence

Who May Live in God’s Presence?

God wants us with Him, and in Psalm 15 He has left us with a short list of characteristics of those who get to live in God’s presence.

How to Live From Your Heart

How to Live From Your Heart?

As you begin to do things you love to do, your heart will come alive. As your heart comes alive you will know what God’s heart is for you more and more.

5 Ways to Find God

5 Ways to Find God

Too often we don’t notice when God has moved to something else or is no longer with us. If you feel alone from God, try these 5 ways to find God:

Learn from hatching

What I Learned From Hatching Chickens

We had a chick struggling to get out of the shell. Getting out of the shell prepares the chicken for life. Do we need some hardships to make us strong?

Do You Beleive God Answers Prayer?

Do You Believe God Answers Prayer?

Do you believe God answers prayer? That is almost a silly question. Of, we believe. But seriously, let’s be honest, which ones does He answer?

Make a Habit of Prayer

How to Make a Habit of Prayer

Do you want to make prayer habits? Forget the 21 days. To build a prayer habit you need to create a Cue, a Routine, and a Reward. Here’s some thoughts:


40 More Bill Johnson Quotes

Many Christians miss out on God encounters because they are satisfied with good theology. / Check out 40 Bill Johnson quotes to challenge your thinking:

Why Can't I Hear God Speak?

Why Can’t I Hear God Speak?

God loves me and wants to speak to me, but prayer seems like a monologue. Where is God? Why can’t I hear God speak? Change the way you think regarding prayer.

God Doesn't Want You Passive

God Does Not Want You Passive

Rest is God’s presence. This is the secret of not getting ahead of God. When His presence moves, we move. We must keep a watchful eye on His presence.