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2 Simple Steps to Knowing God’s Will for Your Life

    Knowing God's Will for Your Life

    Knowing God’s will for your life is the most important discovery you can make. Just think, the Creator of the universe has a created you with a specific purpose in His world. However for most Christians, God’s will for them has been difficult to discover.

    We Wanted to Live for Something Larger Than Ourselves

    When I was in college, this was a popular question to ask the various speakers that came through if given a Q&A time. With each question you could hear our hearts begging to know our divine calling. We wanted to live for something larger than ourselves, but we were having difficulty knowing what specifically we were made for.

    It was during this time I heard this one answer: “Do you want to know the will of God for you? Then read the Bible and do what it says.” It was so simple. It sounded so right, yet it felt so wrong.

    God’s Will For Your Life is Unique and Wonderful

    Hebrews 11 records several people who knew the will of God for themselves and chose to believe it. We commonly call this chapter the Hall of Faith because each of these people had something special from God that they believe Him for.

    One builds an ark; one refuses royalty; one welcomes spies; and one almost sacrifices his son. Each were given an opportunity to trust God with their lives. We are even told that one of them didn’t die because he pleased God so much.

    Knowing God’s Will – Step 1: Read the Bible and Do What It Says

    The thing that felt wrong about this suggestion of doing what the Bible says is that it was incomplete. We all have a unique will of God for our lives. The Bible is not going to show us God’s specific will for us any more than it will show us who we are to marry. However, the Bible will lead us in the right direction.

    God gave us the Bible to help us navigate this life. If we don’t value the pure revelation found in the Bible, can God trust us with specific revelation regarding our lives? We need step 1 to help us with step 2.

    Knowing God’s Will – Step 2: Enjoy Spending Time With God

    If you enjoy spending time with God and have a habit of doing what He says, He will naturally share things with you. This is truths 2 and 3 of Experiencing God. It is the same principle that leads married couples to want to have children. God wants other people to see the love relationship He has for you and you have for Him. It enhances your love and provides a safe place for others to be invited in.

    Ultimately we make knowing God’s will for our lives harder than it has to be. The steps are simple:

    1. Read and obey the Word of God.
    2. Enjoy spending time with God.

    If you do these two things, God will make His will for you known. As we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us (James 4:8). If you will do this, you will find joy in whatever God leads you to. If you will do these, there will be His supernatural power in whatever you do. May you enjoy your adventure with God.

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