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Don’t Limit Your Prayers

    DON'T Limit Your Prayers

    Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

    I was recently reading Matthew and was stopped by the account of Jesus cursing the fig tree (Matthew 21:18-22). It is an interesting story. Jesus and the disciples were heading into Jerusalem, and Jesus was hungry. Coming upon a fig tree, they found nothing on it but leaves. Jesus cursed the tree declaring it would never bear fruit again.

    Most interpretations of this event surround around why Jesus did this. Was he angry? Should He have done this? What did it mean? These are interesting interpretations and many of which are helpful. What I found little discussion on was how Jesus interpreted the account. In response to the disciples’  astonishment of the withering tree, Jesus said you can do what was done to this tree, if you have faith and not doubt.

    Is This God’s Will?

    Most of us will get stuck at the necessity of cursing a tree, that we would lose faith. Is it really God’s will for this tree to die? Does God really want that mountain to move? How do I know if what I’m praying is God’s will?

    As a believer we trust that Jesus’ actions were God’s will because Jesus states that He did nothing except what He saw His Father doing (John 5:19). How can we get to this point in our relationship with God? Is this the lifestyle we should expect for ourselves?

    Our Relationship with God Fuels Our Prayers

    While the Bible may not tell us which mountain to move or who we are to heal, the Bible is very clear that it is God’s will that we be powerful in prayer. It is to be normal for Christians to have our prayers answered. Let’s change our focus off whether or not something is God’s will and instead focus our attention on trying to maintain our relationship with Him. As we are with Him, we will want the things He wants. We will have confidence in prayer, and we will live the lifestyle of those talked about in Acts.

    Let’s look at our situations and begin a dialogue with God about how He sees it and what He would do. Then let’s move forward with whatever He shows us. We may get crazy ideas and thoughts, but don’t limit your prayers to what you think is possible or what you think is right. We should trust the Holy Spirit’s leading in the moment, and pray in faith. But beware, you just may be surprised by what you pray AND by what God does.

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