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A Fresh Infusion of Truth

    A Fresh Infusion of Truth

    Does God Really Think This Way?

    For many years I have participated in or led men’s groups. One of the major points of our times together have been listening to God on behalf of one another and sharing what we have heard. It is an interesting practice as some of the men feel very uncomfortable hearing from God in this way. How do we know if what is being said is from God or just nice words?

    Most of the difficultly with this type of prayer is that we are afraid to put words in God’s mouth. We are more confident in our ability to get it wrong than in God’s desire to use us in this way. We often know things about the other person which tempts us to correct or teach them in these moments, and then when we listen to God we question Him because He seems to overlook all of their issues and just want to say positive things. Is God really this nice?

    The Words of God Often Don’t Feel True

    God often wants to tell us things about ourselves that we don’t see. He tells Abraham he is to be a father of nations when he is having trouble fathering one. God tells Peter he will lead the church before he is the first to deny Jesus three times. He says Paul is his instrument to proclaim the good news to the Gentiles just after planning on persecuting the Christians.

    Too often we discount the words of God because they don’t feel true. The mere fact that they don’t feel true may be an indication where our current view of ourselves is not right. Jesus said that the truth will set us free. We need a fresh infusion of the truth about how God sees us to transform our thinking and allow us to become who God created us to be.

    How to Get Fresh Words from God

    I don’t ever do this, but I feel to leave you with some homework this week. Find three separate people you know love the Lord, and see if they would ask the Lord what He says about you. This is not for them to tell you how they think about you, but instead what comes to mind when they ask God’s heart about you. Pray over the responses you get and allow them to be a great source of encouragement and motivation for your future.

    You are welcome to allow me to be one of to pray for you. Just leave a comment below, and I will be glad to ask God. May you have a week full of moments where you are aware of God’s love for you.

    9 thoughts on “A Fresh Infusion of Truth”

      1. Dear Rachel,
        Thank you for this opportunity to pray for you. I hope you find it encouraging.

        I feel that the Lord loves to hear you laugh. Your joy ministers to His heart. You carry a lot of love for God and others. This love offers life and hope. You have a natural ability to connect to people who are hurting and make them feel cared for. Keep your focus on God and you will always have life to give. You are a deep treasure. The people who know you well love you deeply.


      1. Dear Terry,

        Thank you for this opportunity to hear God’s delight in you. I hope you find this helpful and encouraging.

        I feel you have a quiet confidence. You are not easily discouraged or worried. You can easily find God in even difficult situations in order to maintain your hope. Your hope is needed to those around you. You have words that offer peace to others when they are discouraged or worried. Your words diffuses their anxiety and encourage them to hope for God’s best. People need your words of life and wisdom. God loves your faith.


    1. Plse pray for my wayward spouse. I hve been hurting for almost ten yrs due to
      His emotional infedility. I dont know if he has had sexual relations with this
      Other woman.

      Now I need tranqulity in my life. I want to be filled with God’s unconditional love mercy n grace


      1. Dear Anna,
        I am sorry for your hurt. I pray that Holy Spirit will feel your heart with His comforting presence. May He lead you into hope for your future and to know how to handle your current situation.
        God also wants you filled with His unconditional mercy and grace. May it happen sooner than later.

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