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Is Your God Really This Good?

    Is Your God Really This Good

    Can God Use a Monk to Bless People?

    On a recent trip to Thailand, my youngest daughter made a few comments about “fake” monks. These comments came because we riding a truck taxi with a monk who was riding shotgun. He was a friendly guy chatting away with the driver and acknowledged us when we entered. Next we dropped him off at a hospital that seemed to have plenty of monks hanging around.

    We don’t know much of his story or what he was going to the hospital for, but the conversations with my daughters sparked some very interesting thoughts about God. First her comments about being “fake” were not about him as much as she was trying to acknowledge that he didn’t know Jesus.

    As we discussed this further, the point was raised about whether what he was doing had any real impact. I mean was his actions, charity, and kindness worthless in God’s economy? I understand her viewpoint, but is this how God sees it?

    Sure, there is only one way to get to heaven. There is only one way to the Father. However, can non-Christians do good works? Can God use a monk to bless people?

    How Powerful is Your View of Love?

    I believe the answer most Christians secretly have to this answer has hindered many moves of God. In our desire to uphold Jesus as the only way, we negate the possibility that God can use another way to bless people. We think that people must accept Jesus as Savior before He is willing to bless them. We tend to downplay how powerful love really is and how willing God is to bless.

    While I believe that Jesus is the only way to God, I also believe that love is a powerful force in this world. Monks entering a hospital to bless people in love can bring comfort and relief to the sick. A lesbian couple can truly love the child they are raising together. A Muslim president can love his country and lead it into prosperity.

    Let’s Be Quick to Bless What is Good in Others

    As Christians let us not be so quick to show where we are different. Let’s find those areas where we can agree and encourage those things that are lovely. When Jesus met the Roman centurion, He declared that there was no greater example of faith in Israel than this man. He didn’t say the man loved God or was going to heaven, Jesus saw that the man understand the principle of faith, blessed it in him, and healed his servant. Jesus did all this without preaching to the man or asking for a decision (Matthew 8:5-13).

    Is your God really this good that He would bless people who don’t believe in Him? Does your God look for ways to bless people or curse them? Can we engage people on the same level where our first desire is to look for ways to bless and encourage others? I believe this way of thinking will lead to a great influx of people wanting to follow Jesus.

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