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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : view of self : Are We Unintentionally Encouraging People to Sin?

Are We Unintentionally Encouraging People to Sin?

    Encourage Sin

    I feel the need to add to the last post after some comments that thought I was encouraging people to sin. I understand where people may think this. Our natural desire is to try to control others. We think if we love them in their sin, then we are saying their sin doesn’t matter.

    Did Jesus Love People Too Much?

    The Pharisees also had a hard time with this. That’s why they were always pointing out that Jesus was hanging out with prostitutes and tax collectors. In their minds, Jesus was condoning their sin by spending time with them. What we find though is that these people enjoyed the love of Jesus and many repented of their ways.

    God loves people into the kingdom. We should do the same. If our love doesn’t make people question our belief that people should be holy, then we may not be loving enough. When Paul was talking about the grace of God, he had to answer the question, “should we just keep on sinning that grace may abound?” (Romans 6:1-2). Of course the answer is no, but our love should be so strong that people would at least wonder.

    Can We Expect This Love From Others?

    Now if you are the one sinning, you can count on the love of God, but you cannot expect the offended to love you in this way. There are consequences for sin and people are often hurt. We shouldn’t expect people to continue to let us hurt them. Don’t let the grace of God be an excuse for sin. Instead let it be the power to overcome sin and find the help that you need.

    We are so offended by the sin in others that we want to make sure they know we don’t like it. We cause them to not only dislike the sin, but become afraid of it. Therefore we are developing people who are living in fear of sin instead of overcoming it. The only way to overcome is by experience more of the love of God. Are you willing to be that vessel of love?

    2 thoughts on “Are We Unintentionally Encouraging People to Sin?”

    1. we need to strike a balance. we love them but hate their sins. “others save with fear hating the garment spotted by sin….” God help us all

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