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power in prayer

Prayer is powerful. Whether it be through fasting, meditation, or worship, here are some ways to experience a powerful prayer life.


5 Reasons to Have Daily Declarations

If you start the habit of incorporating daily declarations into your prayer life, you will see dramatic changes. Here are the five reasons why:

Faith Without Works

Faith Without Works Interpreted

Most Christians believe that they are saved by grace, but this passage in James can seem to push us back to earn our salvation. Let’s look at interpreting how faith without works is dead.

Heaven is Where God Is

Heaven is Where God Is

As Christians we have the potential to live Emmanuel lives – God with us. We allow others to experience what heaven is like, because heaven is where God is.

The Spiritual Importance of Fasting

The Spiritual Importance of Fasting

I have now done 8 40-day fasts, and I’m a believer in the spiritual importance of fasting. I’ve invited many of my friends to also share their experiences.

Do You Beleive God Answers Prayer?

Do You Believe God Answers Prayer?

Do you believe God answers prayer? That is almost a silly question. Of, we believe. But seriously, let’s be honest, which ones does He answer?

DON'T Limit Your Prayers

Don’t Limit Your Prayers

Don’t limit your prayers by what you think is possible or right. Trust the Holy Spirit’s leading and pray in faith. You may be surprised what God will do.

Increase Faith for Prayer

How To Increase Your Faith For Prayer

What are you more surprised by, when God answers your prayers or not? Most of us don’t expect God to answer us. How do we increase our faith in prayer?