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power in prayer

Prayer is powerful. Whether it be through fasting, meditation, or worship, here are some ways to experience a powerful prayer life.

Faith Without Works

Faith Without Works Interpreted

    Most Christians believe that they are saved by grace, but this passage in James can seem to push us back to earn our salvation. Let’s look at interpreting how faith without works is dead.

    Unanswered Prayer

    Unanswered Prayer

      How are we respond to unanswered prayer in our lives? Does God want all of our prayers answered? What does the Bible say about unanswered prayer?

      Increase Faith for Prayer

      How To Increase Your Faith For Prayer

        What are you more surprised by, when God answers your prayers or not? Most of us don’t expect God to answer us. How do we increase our faith in prayer?

        2 Ways to have daily declarations

        2 Ways to Have Daily Declarations

          Take these ways to have daily declarations and daily implement them. They will help you hold to God’s truths to find freedom and get breakthrough.

          What is Hindering My Prayers?

          What is Hindering My Prayers?

            In my efforts to not manipulate God, I hinder my prayers by limiting them to things I feel are reasonable. I create my own lid to what God may do for me.