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power in prayer

Prayer is powerful. Whether it be through fasting, meditation, or worship, here are some ways to experience a powerful prayer life.

DON'T Limit Your Prayers

Don’t Limit Your Prayers

    Don’t limit your prayers by what you think is possible or right. Trust the Holy Spirit’s leading and pray in faith. You may be surprised what God will do.

    Vibrant Prayer Life

    Origin of a Vibrant Prayer Life

      I’ve been thinking about what has encouraged me most in my prayer life, and I would have to say it has been the presence of a prayer partner.

      Do You Beleive God Answers Prayer?

      Do You Believe God Answers Prayer?

        Do you believe God answers prayer? That is almost a silly question. Of, we believe. But seriously, let’s be honest, which ones does He answer?

        Heaven is Where God Is

        Heaven is Where God Is

          As Christians we have the potential to live Emmanuel lives – God with us. We allow others to experience what heaven is like, because heaven is where God is.

          Taste Again that the Lord is Good

            I enjoyed it because it showed people I know and have had over to my home. Bob and Gloria Bruce have walked with the Lord and have been given a wealth of wisdom and character. I loved that the video showed him eating ice cream, as he says he eats it all the time now. The video also showed many other friends from Reynolda where my wife and I attended while living in Winston Salem.

            The Spiritual Importance of Fasting

            The Spiritual Importance of Fasting

              I have now done 8 40-day fasts, and I’m a believer in the spiritual importance of fasting. I’ve invited many of my friends to also share their experiences.


              What Do You Think Revival Will Look Like?

                We don’t all want revival to come. When revival comes Jesus is in charge – not you or I. What will revival look like? It’ll be something we can’t control.