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Do You Believe God Answers Prayer?

    Do You Beleive God Answers Prayer?

    Do you believe God answers prayer?

    That is almost a silly question. I’m a Christian – of course, I believe God answers prayer. Do I believe He answer every prayer? Which prayers will He answer?

    The other day I had a man pray for me something very desirable. This man has been very successful in business and has made millions, if not billions, of dollars.

    He prayed that I would receive the same grace to make money as he has.

    Will God answer this prayer? Did God inspire Him to pray this for me? What is okay to believe God for and what isn’t?

    God is able to do immeasurably more than we can think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Was this man’s prayer beyond what God has in store for me?

    I know I’ve asked a lot of questions. One thing I do know is God has a plan for our lives that is perfect for us. He knows how we are created and what will give us the most life. God responds to prayer because it is a request from His children, a drawing into to Him. As long as we hold Him first in our hearts, there is nothing too great to ask of Him.

    Will He grant me the grace to make millions or billions of dollars? Maybe. I know this man released some grace to me to achieve the calling God has on my life. God is good and will use everything to move me towards who He has made me to be. And, that calling will be even greater than I could have ever hoped for. Trust God’s best for you.

    What are your thoughts?

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    5 thoughts on “Do You Believe God Answers Prayer?”

    1. Don’t forget about me if you become a millionaire:)

      I know God does answer prayers. However, our prayers need to be alined with His will and purpose. Great thoughts.

      1. Dan, certainly there are prayers that would seemingly be completely out of God’s will but there are plenty as this one that is in a grey area. Solomon was granted great riches. Abraham accumulated wealth. How do we know what is aligned to God’s will and purpose? It was God’s will for David to be king. For Saul, God rejected him. Paul wanted to go preach the gospel in Asia, but it was not God’s will for him, but other apostles were able to go.

        One thing I didn’t mention above is the importance of your personal relationship with God. We need to cultivate our ability to know God and what He is doing in our lives. Therefore when people pray their will over us, we can filter it through the grid of what God is doing in us. Does it measure up? Do people who know me well also since this is God’s will for me?

        Will we get this wrong? Sometimes. But as long as our focus is on God and His great heart for us, we can adjust.

        Life with God is a great adventure, and I’m so excited to have to ride His wave.


    2. I know “money” IS “the common way” for people to “get” things/services/etc that they want/need/could use… but our God is not “limited” by that particular “currency”, either. (Perhaps THAT’S what He was referring to, when He told us “the LOVE (dependency, reliance, devotion to) of MONEY is the root of all evil.”(?)) I’ve found that “money” is just ONE way thatis a “representative OF” provision. (Am thinkin also of the “silver & gold have I none, but what I do HAVE, I give unto you…”) We commonly think, IF a person is poor, & hungry, if we give them money, then they can eat & be filled. BUT… CAN people “eat” MONEY??? No, of course not! Money is JUST one MEANS of getting food. Anyhow, whether that man’s particular prayer for you will happen as he (or any other person) “pictured” it happening – who knows?! But, the fact that he was praying great blessings of “available” PROVISIONS over you, I believe was & will continue to be “granted”! Just my thoughts.

      1. Cynthia, thank you for your comments. Absolutely, it is God’s heart to bless His children. It may not look like how we interpret it, but He still intends good for us.

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