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Thoughts on Biblical Humility


    Humble Yourself Through Fasting

    I couple weeks ago I had a post on How to Bring Revival. One of the points was to humble yourself. As I was writing the short description on this point, I realized there was more to say than what I was giving myself at that moment. Here is the fuller post on that section with the “deleted scenes.”

    Humbling yourself is often synonymous with fasting as David said he humbled himself with fasting (Psalm 35:13). In the late 90’s, Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ spearheaded the prayer and fasting movement for revival to come to America based on this verse and this understanding of humbling yourself as best accomplished through fasting. While prayer aligns us for more of God, fasting removes more of the world from us. The humbling process is the removal of those things we have previously thought we needed in order to adhere us to more of God.

    What is Biblical Humility?

    Biblical humility is seeing yourself as God sees you.

    While this is partially the intent of humbling yourself, I believe there is more. Biblical humility is seeing yourself as God sees you. Not thinking of yourself more highly, but also not thinking of yourself as anything less. Fasting takes away basic necessities to reveal what is really in you. As these realities are exposed, in humility you live out of your true self. It is only in that full disclosure that God has freedom to meet openly with you. It is in that place you realize He loves you completely as you are. He is not asking for you to do things to impress Him; He made you and knows He did a good job with you.

    It is in this place authenticity you can be the person He created you to be, not hiding anything and not seeking self-promotion. As we live out of who God made us to be, His power can fully operate and freely touch the lives around us. Humbling ourselves allows us to love without fear and without manipulation.

    God Thinks You Are Amazing Just As You Are

    God wants us to be so satisfied with how He made us that we would stop looking for approval in what we do and just realize that with Him we are accepted just as we are. There is freedom in living without wondering what others may think. There is also freedom in doing things without having to second-guess if it would be acceptable to God.

    We must see God as our Father. He will loves us no matter what we do. He couldn’t be more proud of us if we were the leader of the world. Just as He couldn’t be any less proud of us if we were selling ourselves on the street. When we live in humility, we have nothing to prove because in whatever we do we are still children of God.

    My Humbling Processing

    Right now, most of my time goes into homeschooling my kids. I used to have a high-paying job at big name companies. I am perfectly comfortable knowing that this is exactly where God wants me for this season. However, I still feel a little uncomfortable telling other people what I do. Part of me wants to live up to their expectation of success and I assume they would see this change as some kind of demotion. This is an area of humility I am still working on.

    I was sharing this with a group of friends earlier this week. We took some time to confess this area of pride and ask God what He would have to say to me. I believe what I heard is the key to help me find more humility. “Kevin, you know and have My heart. People who love Me will find you valuable.”

    God wants me to know I have nothing to prove. And, He will send people my way that will value me for who I am. While this was a specific word for me, I do think it will apply to most of you. He may say it somewhat differently to you, but the point of humility is coming to the point of trusting God to take care of you. Just as fasting can get us to true humility wherein without daily food, we see that God is our provision. In true humility we can trust that God will take care of all us and we don’t need to prove ourselves to others or Him. By being ourselves, we can freely succeed in our areas of strength. He wants us to start to trust that He knew what He was doing when He made us this way. He thinks you are amazing; it’s ok to agree with Him on that point.

    There is a holy audacity in Christian life and faith which is not inconsistent with the profoundest humility.
    – A.B. Simpson

    2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Biblical Humility”

      1. Dear Steve,
        I appreciate the comment. I’ve heard this several times, but I wonder if many people are lead to think that they are not worthy of being thought about, which is why we should think about ourselves less. I don’t know. God obviously has no problem thinking about us. He loves to think about us and never stops thinking about us. He sees us as worthy of many thoughts.

        I don’t think we should spend every thought on ourselves, and I don’t disagree with your quote. I just wonder what beliefs that quote may encourage. What do you think?

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