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How to Impact Nations

    How to Impact Nations

    This past week my family was honored with a free stay at a four-star hotel in Thailand. Christian Hospitality Network, a group out of Tennessee, had raised money to provide this rest along with many gifts for us and our kids. They do this out of love and gratitude for Christians choosing to live overseas. We in turn are very grateful to them for the rest and love they gave us.

    One the things they said stuck out to me. They called us their heroes. To my family, these people were heroes.

    We each have our part to play. If you just think of the work being done overseas, you have so much more going on than just those up front. If it wasn’t for the those back home giving financially, stress would overtake any work. If there was not anyone staying personally connected with them, the loneliness could very well lead to poor decisions. If there was nobody praying, there would be no lifeblood in the work. There are more people involved than those on the frontlines, and everyone gets to share in the rewards.

    How to Impact Nations

    When Esther entered into the throne room that fateful night. She may have put her life at the mercy of the king, but when she entered she carried with her the hope of the Jewish nation. This is us. When we enter into the throne room of our King, we can carry with us the hope of nations. You see, the salvation of the Jews rested in a woman whose main ministry was to the king – she spent little time actually with the Jews. You can change nations by spending time in your own home in God’s presence.

    God gave us permission to ask for nations (Psalm 2:8). You may never physically leave the city where you were born, but you can have a greater impact than others who have traveled the world for Christ. Just like Esther, we can boldly come before God’s throne for Him to lower His scepter that we may ask of anything from Him. Don’t miss the opportunity by only asking for small things; He wants you to ask for nations.

    I’m not minimizing those that go – I moved my family halfway around the world. However, don’t minimize the fact you’re still at home. Spending time in God’s presence will have the greatest impact on the world. Your impact of spending time with God could very well change the direction of a nation. Just think of the impact Esther had.

    Check out our book on two truths Jesus gave to His disciples before sending them to do ministry. I track our journey in China and how God helps keep you in His will. The book is called, Abundant Living, and you can find it on Amazon. 

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