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Our Confidence in Prayer

    Our Confidence in Prayer

    Worship With Children

    There is something sweet about worshipping while holding your child. This has become a pattern for me each week. As soon as the worship starts, my daughter looks at me and reaches up her arms. She expects to be held.

    I get to pick her up, worship our Heavenly Father, and sometimes even hear her singing in my ear. It is beautiful, lovely, and full of joy. It is almost overwhelming at times. How much more does God enjoy holding us?

    This may not last much longer as she is getting heavier. I don’t know how long I can continue to hold her through the service. However, I think she may have thought of a way to get held longer.

    Worship With Children – Phase 2

    Shortly after I put her down, she reached out for my hand to lead me to the front of the church. She no longer wanted to be held; she wanted to dance. She wanted to dance in front of the church.

    To be honest, I didn’t want to go. I like the safety of the pews. There were no other adults up there. I may be a distraction to other people worshipping. What would others think?

    I had to reconsider my motives.

    What is more important to me – to raise a child that enjoys worshipping God or to not cause a stir?

    How Does God Treat His Children?

    It encourages me to read the accounts in the Bible where God changes His mind due to the requests of people. In these accounts you see that God had planned one thing, but for love of people He does what is requested of Him. As a good father, he puts the good desires of His children first.

    In Mark 7:24-30 you read of the unusual exchange between Jesus and the Greek woman. She requests her daughter to be healed. Since she was not a Jew, Jesus reminds her of His mission, yet she continues to politely pursue. And then, Jesus grants her request.

    Was Jesus trying to draw her out? Was He toying with her emotions? No! Healing her daughter was not part of God’s will for Him at that time. We know this because Jesus said that He only did what He saw His Father doing (John 5:19). He wasn’t willing to move forward on something that God’s hand was not in. However, God’s will changed because the Greek woman requested it.

    We see this in many other places. Jesus wasn’t going to do any miracles at the wedding in Cana (John 2:4). Jesus was going to walk by the boat the disciples we struggling in (Mark 6:48). Jesus was going to keep walking past Emmaus (Luke 24:28).

    We Have a Good Father

    We have a good Father. He loves to hear the things on your heart. They may seem trivial, but He loves everything about you. It may not be in His plan to answer that request, but He may change His mind just because you asked. He really likes you. Once we really get this, our confidence in prayer will exponentially increase.

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