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Do You Believe You Will Be Blessed?

    Do You Believe You Will Be Blessed

    Are You Experiencing Confidence and Peace?

    Confidence and peace are gifts Jesus wants each of us to have. Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of its own. Look at the flowers of the field. See how God dresses them. How much more will your Heavenly Father take care of you? (Matthew 6:25-34)

    Circumstance in life try to distract us from this peace and confidence. We see our bank account getting smaller; we hear news of changes in our company; we feel pressures of holding it all together. We are aware of more and more things are out of our control and we get scared.

    Do You Believe God Will Bless You?

    Do you believe that you are blessed? Will God take care of you? Can you trust Him? The release of our desire to control our lives is frightening.

    I believe Abraham gives us a good example to follow when faced with problems in his relationship with Lot (Genesis 13). As each of their ‘clans’ grew, quarrels between them also grew. As the decision was made for them to part ways, Abraham let Lot choose the directions for them to go.

    I don’t think that Abraham was being lazy. I also don’t think that he know that Lot would make a poor choice. Instead, I believe Abraham trusted so much in God’s blessings over his life that he knew whatever way he went, God’s blessings would follow.

    Do You Believe God Will Take Care of You?

    Are we at this place with God that we trust He will bless? This is what God wants, and it is available for us. This is what is like to be a child of God. It is in this place that we have confidence about our future. He is for us and life becomes an adventure looking for all the blessings God has made available.

    Do you feel stressed? Are you agonizing about a certain decision? Do you feel God is being silent? Step out in faith that God loves you… faith that God is looking to bless you.

    He who would not withhold His only son, would He not also graciously give us all things? (Romans 8:32)

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