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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : view of self : God Laughs At Our Plans

God Laughs At Our Plans

    God Laughs at Our Plans

    God Laughs At Our Plans

    We think we know what is best for our lives. We say we will do this. Now is not a good time for that. We would not be good at that. We make such definite statements that rule out God leading in certain areas of our lives.

    The Bible says that God scoffs at the plans of His enemies (Psalm 2: 1-4). I think that God also gets a good chuckle at our plans. We say things like, “I couldn’t live overseas.” or “We are not ready to have kids yet.” or “I’m not a good public speaker.” Wait. Moses tried that last excuse.

    Watch What You Say You Won’t Do

    My kids are very slow at warming up to new things. I think up a new game, or my wife and I decide to try some new food. We create a new experience and one of them will immediate say she won’t like it or she can’t do it. We have to try to sell her on the new endeavor to get her to try it. Finally when she tries it, oftentimes she loves it and wants to do it again.

    I imagine God is doing the same thing with us at times. We tell Him we won’t like something or can’t do something. However, He created us and knows exactly what we will enjoy. We dig our heals in when He wants to lead us to our abundant life. Our definite statements create obstacles and roadblocks to His leading. Do we really trust Him?

    Examine Your Words

    Let us look out for what we say we won’t do. Listen to those things you feel so definite about. Are they from God? Or, are they based on your fears? Why are you so definite about these things?

    Let us remove all of the limitations to what God can do in our lives and allow Him full control. You can trust Him. He has an amazing adventure in store for you.

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