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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : book review : Intercessory Prayer Quotes and Creative Intercession

Intercessory Prayer Quotes and Creative Intercession

    Creative Intercession to Move the Hand of God

    Intercessory Prayer Quotes from Creative Intercession

    1. Until we know we are freely loved, giving love away in prayer or intercession or with our teams can be difficult. It can come off with an edge of condemnation and taint our prayers and purity of heart.
    2. As people who stand in the gap for individuals, situations and nations, we need to see them the way God does and let go of our personal opinions and ideas about things.
    3. As we see ourselves as God sees us, we are freed up from striving and we begin to simply enjoy His Presence.
    4. We have all been uniquely created to experience God’s Presence and Kingdom and release it wherever we go.
    5. He longs to talk to His children and show us secrets of the Kingdom.
    6. Jesus is our ultimate intercessor before God, so one way to be more like Jesus is to grow in intercession.
    7. An intercessor stands in the gap for a person or a group of people.
    8. Just like we read the Bible or have fellowship with other believers, walking in creativity can be one more way you develop friendship and connection with God.
    9. Since God is creative, don’t limit Him to one way of communicating with you.
    10. The Holy Spirit longs to talk to you and is talking to you more than you know.
    11. Understanding the language of the Spirit is essential to your connection with God.
    12. Until the Holy Spirit changes our thinking about identity, intercession can also look like gossip.
    13. Every believer has the ability to receive inspiration from God because we are His sheep and we know His voice.
    14. We may be always praying but not seeing results. We may think intercession and prayer are about us and how much we press in or how much time we spend praying, but what we don’t realize is that intercession is about who we are.
    15. We need to be firm and stable in our connection with God and other people so we can pray into things without our own problems getting in the way.
    16. Because God is fun, partnering with Him can be fun.
    17. When we see ourselves the way God sees us and begin walking in our true identity, then we don’t want to compare ourselves to others because are completely happy in who we are.
    18. With the wrong identity, intercession can also look like control or manipulation. We pray out of our flesh and what we want to see happen, not what God wants to see happen.
    19. Identity is essentially who you are, what makes you unique, and understanding who God created you to be.
    20. Our words create worlds, so we need to be careful what we say.
    21. His Presence is what you want, not results. Results happen in the Presence.
    22. When we are double-minded, we can end up praying multiple-choice prayers. If a man is sick, we may pray for 1.) his miraculous healing, 2.) for God to use the illness to instruct him, and 3.) to comfort him as he dies, all at the same time. Which one do we want God to answer? How do we know if He did answer when we give Him so many options? One of them has to work eventually. So what is God saying? Is He planning to heal this person? Or is it his time to meet God in heaven?
    23. Until we hear from God, praying can feel like a waste of time, mostly because we don’t know what to pray. However, if we know we’ve heard from God, we can pray, intercede, and be at peace. We’ve done our job, and now He will do His.

    Creative Intercession by Allison Shorter

    Christians Want to Be Effective

    As I have written this Prayer Coach blog over the years, I have gained an understanding of Christians’ struggles with prayer. What I have concluded is that most Christians want their lives to be partnered with God, but they feel ineffectual in living it out. Their prayer lives are hampered because deep down they are unsure if they are doing it right. They are slow to step into the lives of those who are hurting because they don’t know how to help. Uncertainty binds Christians from being effective.

    Still I believe all Christians want to partner with God. They want to access the power God has promised to bring life to those around them. God has placed in them greatness, but they are unsure how to be great. Thankfully today I get to offer you the way through.

    Creative Intercession by Allison Shorter

    I am excited to share with you the release of Allison Shorter’s book, Creative Intercession. Allison takes out the stress and pressure out of partnering with God and shows how this partnership can be simple, fun, and creative. As she says, “Because God is fun, partnering with Him can be fun. Many Christians want to love God and others well but get tired along the way.  The good news is… Partnering with God doesn’t have to be burdensome or make you weary! Jesus said that his ‘burden is light,’ so if we are feeling heavy, He has the answer regarding how to bring lightness to our life and work.”

    I think each of you would enjoy this book. Even if you are not an intercessor, Allison’s chapters on identity and the way to be great is really a must read for all. You can get it on today Amazon, Creative Intercession. It’s a great deal to release you into greater effectiveness in God’s kingdom.

    What Others Are Saying About Creative Intercession

    “I think this is the best book I’ve read on intercession to date and I recommend it thoroughly! I found it extremely practical, straightforward and relatively succinct – which are not always virtues one finds in books on intercession!” – Julia Morgan Maxfield

    “Awesome book! I was so happy that I got the chance to read this book… What I most liked is that she included her own experiences and was speaking directly to my heart.” – Rose

    “…the book is not only informative but also provokes unto action, “love and good works”… It left me with a desire to go deeper in love with Yahweh through the intimacy of creative intercession.” – Christopher Roscher

    Simplicity Fun and Art Move Hand of God

    7 thoughts on “Intercessory Prayer Quotes and Creative Intercession”

    1. Is this book, “Creative Intercession,” available in print form? I don’t do Kindle and am generally a “tech-dinosaur,” preferring bound books instead of digital. Could I get this book either bound or in e-book format?

    2. I too was hoping there was a hard back copy of your book.. Will you in the future consider printing it again..
      Thank you for writing this book..

    3. I am so excited to find your website, and to be able to walk in God light with you. I feel that I have been call to learn how to Pray, and grow a Prayer ministry online, and with – in my very small community East Texas Town, where I live, and my community. God didn’t led my to this point in my live just to leave me with a plan. I have a lot of work to do, a few years ago bible verse fell into my life. (Jeremiah 29:11), and it seems like every where I turn that verse just keep popping up, so at that point in my life I was drawn to restructure my small home based business of 20+ years(Income Prep./Notary Public). I was be directed to do some creative, and more joyful, and I had know Idea of what is could be. I began to pray, and seek God. Now, I have put a few of my creative ideas in place, and made a few dollar with them. But my heart and my mind just keep coming back to Jesus, and know that I have a work for him to do. I have a testimony. I know that Jesus didn’t go to the cross and give his life for you, me, and anybody else just for us to work and stress our lives away. I know that I need to be at my “Father” business, and in this day and time, I feel that for me that’s building a prayer circle online to pray with people, for people, and teach people how to pray. The Good of My Father’s Word is my mission. I Thank God for leading me to your website! I want to learn how to use the intent to set up and grow into my Fathers Plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11). Keep me in pray!

      1. Lora, thank you for the encouragement and excited to hear how God has been leading you. I pray that you would experience God’s ever-present grace and love as you follow Him on this journey. Blessings,

    4. elaine penelope logan

      Thanks for the tip. I just purchased the book on amazon and look forward to learning and applying its content. It is something my heart has yearned to understand but it always seemed too complicated. I am making a trip to California to see my daughter who has paranoid schizophrenia. Please keep us in prayer. Thank you.

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