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Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter

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    Christians Dealing With Addiction

    There are roughly 60M Christian adults that recognize they have problem with an addiction of some sort. Most don’t want to remain in bondage and are ashamed of their struggle.

    As someone who struggled with addiction for 15 years, I got tired of books that promise freedom assuming I could will my way out through self-effort: do more, pray more, have more faith, or instructions along these lines. If it were easy, they would have stopped. These books promote false hope which when it is not realized send the reader to doubt the possibility of freedom.

    What if the Church was released to run without he burden of addiction in the body? Think of how our country can be changed with 60M Christians feel to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

    Breaking Free by Kevin Shorter

    Breaking Free is written by one who has made the long journey out of addiction. Kevin Shorter has seen how some paths have worked for others and not for him. These failures in his life have driven him to find answers.

    This book helps reduce the journey for others by identifying roots of addiction and presenting solutions to removing those roots so the reader can walk in freedom.  Freedom is available; let’s find out how to apply it. You can buy Breaking Free on Amazon.

    Recommendation for Breaking Free

    Has God ever sent someone into your life that rocks your world and your life is never the same? A few years ago that happened to me when I walked into a men’s group led by Kevin Shorter. There are a lot of people that say they have the answer to various life struggles, but I have learned to look at the fruit on the tree.


    Kevin has a message on breaking addiction that has produced much fruit in many people’s lives. I personally know several people radically changed forever by the message of freedom that Kevin carry’s. Kevin Shorter first comes to the table as an overcomer of the power of addiction in his own life. Then he went on to build a successful internet marketing business, International ministry and most of all a great marriage and relationship with his two daughters.


    When I talk to others about Kevin or his ministry, business or family success I find myself often using the words “Kevin is the real deal”. My life will never be the same because of my relationship with Kevin Shorter. May you be blessed with that same freedom!


    Jeff Veal

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